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The Birth of a Digital Wonder

Google, the visionary tech world, celebrating its 25th birthday. Google has had an unmatched success throughout these years by working tirelessly.... »

Team Acutis 29 September 2023
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Fastest selling tips to increase your sales in 2023

Productive salesmen of a company can help generate more sales for the company. Following some of these tips will help them improve their performance.... »

Team Acutis 21 February 2023
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Customer Trust Strategies: Building Solid Relationships

you need to use emotional intelligence to gain customers’ trust. When it comes to a successful business, how customers feel about the brand is important.... »

Team Acutis 24 January 2023
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Digital storytelling: Engaging Audiences in a High-Tech World

Digital storytelling helps brands do more than just sell products or services. It lets them create meaningful stories that connect with the audience.... »

Team Acutis 18 January 2023
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What is chat gpt? How is it going to help digital marketers in 2023?

Chat GPT has been one of the most trending keywords in 2023. So what is Chat GPT and how is it going to help digital marketers? Read to know more. ... »

Team Acutis 05 January 2023
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Will artificial intelligence take away all human jobs in 2023?

People are eager to know what jobs are being replaced by AI and what are not, knowing that there are skills that AI can’t replace, leaving a hope humans won’t be jobless in the future.... »

Team Acutis 29 December 2022
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What is meta-verified, is it worth paying for

Meta Verified is paid subscription, especially for creators on Instagram and Facebook that includes account impersonation protection and increased reach and visibility.... »

Team Acutis 20 December 2022
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6 Tips to create a great landing page that helps you convert

A landing page plays and important role in your digital marketing campaigns. So how do you optimise it for maximum conversions? ... »

Team Acutis 10 November 2022
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Strategies to grow your real estate business via digital marketing

Gone are the days when billboards, newspaper ads and posters brought you effective results. ... »

Team Acutis 05 October 2022
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What is the metaverse and what are the possibilities it opens up to

Metaverse is a technology/platform that combines virtual reality and digital second life. Lets look at all the possibilities it opens up.... »

Team Acutis 21 September 2022
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5 sureshot steps to build brand awareness across platforms

Brand awareness put in simple words is just the way how your audience sees your brand. How do you build brand awareness and stay on top of your audience's Mind? Why not talk to our experts?... »

Team Acutis 08 September 2022
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How to get 100% returns from your google ad investments

Google ads have the potential to give you 100% returns on your investments if done right. So how do the Google ad budgets work? Read the blog to know more.... »

31 August 2022
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What does a digital marketing agency help your brand with?

A digital marketing agency will help you by providing creative solutions for every brand problem so that you can increase your sales and in turn in revenue. Read to know why should your brand partner with one.... »

Team Acutis 24 August 2022
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Proven ways to make your customer engagement strategy a success every time.

An effective digital marketing strategy will ensure your brand creates and yield the right kind of results for growth. To know how you can draft an effective strategy to ensure customer engagement are as follows.... »

Team Acutis 10 August 2022
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Making the most of digital marketing tools for your business in 2022

Digital marketing has revolutionised the way brands communicate with their audience. So how can you make the most of digital marketing tools for your business in 2022?... »

Team Acutis 06 July 2022
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Reasons why your website is getting very low clicks, traffic and conversions

A proper channel and mode of promotion are required to get visitors. Let’s look at the reasons why you are receiving low clicks, traffic and conversions.... »

Team Acutis 24 May 2022
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What is digital marketing strategy and how to draft one effectively?

What makes a digital marketing strategy a great one? There are several things that you need to take care while you are drafting one. Read to know more.... »

Team Acutis 27 April 2022
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How to build the perfect relationship with your digital marketing agency

Partnering with a digital marketing agency for your brand has now become very essential. It has the potential to help your brand grow and earn more.... »

Team Acutis 30 March 2022
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Digital marketing trends that your brand should follow in 2022

The year 2022 is going to bring a whole load of changes in every aspect that you market your brand. Making use of the right techniques and strategies will help your brand to grow more audience, accelerate conversions and get more returns on your investments. Let’s look at some trends that you should definitely include in your digital campaigns 2022.... »

Team Acutis 25 January 2022
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Reasons why your lead generation campaign is not yielding the right ROI

There can be many reasons your digital marketing campaigns might be giving you low results. These can be different for different businesses depending on their respective industries and several other reasons. Now let’s look at the most common reasons for low leads or nil leads are... »

Team Acutis 09 November 2021
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How can digital marketing help your real estate business to get more leads?

The real estate industry is becoming highly competitive now. It is very important for your business to stand out from the rest so that your business is discovered by prospective customers. So let’s see how digital marketing will help your real estate business to get more returns, conversions and leads.... »

Team Acutis 23 September 2021
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If you look at the major successful digital marketing strategies you will find that blogs are a definite part of them. So if your business has a website we highly recommend you to maintain blogs. Read to know what are the ways in which blogs help your business?... »

Team Acutis 04 August 2021
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Why should you include Wikipedia in your digital marketing strategy?

If you are a business that wants to level up your digital marketing campaigns, including Wikipedia in your strategy is a must. There are several points to note before your content is enlisted in Wikipedia. So what are those and how can you get enlisted in Wikipedia?... »

Team Acutis 17 June 2021
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How to evaluate and select a digital marketing agency for your business?

Does the number of clients and age of the digital marketing agency the only metrics to evaluate a digital marketing agency? The number of clients and the age can be misleading at times. So what are the questions you need to ask yourselves before selecting a digital marketing agency for you?... »

Team Acutis 09 June 2021
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Creating a successful digital marketing campaign for your business

A clear-cut strategy is the backbone of every digital marketing campaign. A digital marketing strategy lays down a blueprint of a campaign in a quantifiable and realistic manner. So how can you create a successful digital marketing campaign? ... »

Team Acutis 27 May 2021
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What is Influencer Marketing and why it is so effective in bringing in more returns?

Influencer marketing involves brands collaborating with online influencers to market their products/services. Tap to learn how online collaborations like these can help your brand to reach more potential customers.... »

Team Acutis 18 May 2021
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How to grow your business with Whatsapp Marketing

There are some features of a WhatsApp business account that will help you frame a perfect marketing strategy and increase your ROI. So how can you leverage WhatsApp marketing to ace up your business?... »

Team Acutis 09 April 2021
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10 Digital marketing mistakes to avoid in your campaigns

In digital marketing there is no clear cut roadmap to success, you have to test and run different strategies to know which one works best for your business. Let’s assess some of the most common digital marketing mistakes that you can avoid in your campaigns.... »

Team Acutis 04 March 2021
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Healthcare Marketing – How to grow your business with proven digital marketing techniques healthcare marketing

Expanding your healthcare services via digital marketing is relatively a new concept and an effective campaign will help you to get the desired result. Let’s check out some of the technique to set up your digital marketing campaign.... »

Team Acutis 10 February 2021
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How to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns?

So when you run a digital marketing campaign how do you measure its success..? What are the criteria’s for measuring the success of a digital marketing campaign..? Is the increase in revenue the only criteria to judge the success of a digital marketing campaign?... »

Team Acutis 02 February 2021
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Challenges in digital marketing

Digital marketing is not an easy task which is a tricky way of conquering the hearts. We should know about people's tastes and how to communicate with them. Most of the organizations failed to convey their ideas to the audience... »

Team Acutis 10 October 2020