What is Influencer Marketing and why it is so effective in bringing in more returns?

13 | May 18, 2021

What is Influencer Marketing and why it is so effective in bringing in more returns?

Influencer marketing is getting popular day by day. Every brand/business that aims at increasing their customer base and return on their investment within a limited period of time should invest in Influencer marketing.

The digital marketing domain is now filled with new possibilities of marketing your business in a way that yields maximum benefits and minimum expenses.

So what is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing involves brands collaborating with online influencers to market their products/services. Online collaborations like these are highly influential and can help a brand high time. If your brand needs an uplift by a creative digital branding agency in Kerala, we are here to help you. Influencers are those persons who have a certain amount of fan following and are trusted figures within a niche community.

So how can Influencer marketing help your business?

+ Bring in genuine customers

Influencer marketing can help your business in fetching high-quality customers. This works with the reputation and trusts the audience has for the influencer and the users view influencers as genuine users of the product and the marketing serves as the best review of your product/service.

+ Influencer marketing has a better growth rate

Influencer marketing has a high growth rate and is one of the best digital marketing tools to grow you’re your customers online. Influencer marketing yields better growth than any other organic and paid digital marketing tools.

+ Influencer marketing brings in double the ROI

Influencer marketing is the most cost-effective tool for your business. If done right influencer marketing can bring in double the amount spent and customers.

How do you set up an influencer marketing strategy?

+ Research

The first step in framing all of your marketing campaigns is research. Do your research right! Research thoroughly about your industry and its patterns. Look for the right influencer and choose your platform for the promotion.

+ Budgeting

The next step is to create your budget for the campaign and looking for the influencer that fits it right. The one thing to always keep as a factor while doing this is the time required for planning, executing and reviewing the campaign. Unlike the other forms of paid automated ads, influencers are human beings – cultivating a sound relationship and refining it at every stage is necessary.

+ Defining your goal/message

Influencer marketing is the best tool to create brand awareness and increase your sales. Apart from these two major goals, take into consideration the present needs of your business. The campaign must be specific. Instruct and provide information that you want to promote through your campaign to the influencer. Each influencer may have different styles of creating contents.

+ Reaching out to the influencer

This the step where all the research work is going to matter. A background check of the influencer is necessary before we fix and reach out to them. Factors such as – Does their ideas align with your business/brand? Do they post contents similar to that of our product/service i.e. if you are a fashion store owner and would like to do a campaign, a fashion influencer will be a great choice for you? Their follower base and post engagements. The legitimacy of the influencer should also be checked, previous experience if any should be also noted and analysed.

+ Analysing and refining your strategy

Continuous analysis is required to see whether the campaign is covering the predefined objectives. The progress can be measured using various analytics and changes if any can be made to refine your strategy.

Influencer marketing has now become the next big thing in the digital marketing domain. It is a way to reach more customers and bag more sales. Here in Kochi also there are several influencers that can do your job right. Acutis Digital is one of those digital marketing agency in Kochi that has a bundle of services to provide to each of its clients. Let’s change the way you market your business with us.

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May 18, 2021