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Ecommerce development company in Kochi

We approach every new opportunity with the same energy, enthusiasm and focus on the results

Web development helps you to create a digital interface to communicate with your present and target audience. It acts as a gateway to more customers, leads, revenue and returns.

The web development team at Acutis Digital knows that each brand has a separate characteristics and values that it would like to communicate with the world. We help you in translating these values and characteristics into a product that is digitally accessible to all your customers and create meaningful experiences for them.

The website interfaces and technology is not constant. It flows, upgrades, finds new trends and sometimes breaks down terribly. Having a web development company by your side ensures that your website is securely maintained and future proof.

Our web development team at Acutis Digital use our expertise in strategy and research, design (UX/UI), development and optimization to deliver the best possible results for your brand and customers. We are home to a team of creative coding experts and is the best web development company in Kerala.

We help you create
Secure, resilient and reliable Website.

A website is the greatest digital asset of any business. The methodologies that we follow involves building a safe and secure platform for our customers and keeping their credentials safe. We have a dedicated technical team that gets you instant help at any time.

We deliver corrective, perfective and preventative measures to keep your website on track. We regularly keep track of your website to rectify bugs and enhance performance to improve the user experience, making us the best web development company in Kerala.

The technology is regularly upgrading itself and new features and additions to the website is required to keep it up-to-date.

Monitoring and preventing potential security vulnerabilities and malicious activities must be continuously monitored and solutions are needed to be found.

Web development company in Kerala

Ecommerce website

Go Big, Go Online - Easing the process of visibility, transactions and checkouts”

The way we discover new products and finally land on the decision of purchase have been constantly changing. Everything is online these days. The way a brand communicates its story to its customers has taken up digital channels. So how do you tell the stories of your products and services in a digital format and derive exemplary results from them? Creating and maintaining an Ecommerce website is the answer to it. We help you to convey the essence of your products and services in a neatly packed user interface window that will help you to get closer to your customers and mobilize sales.

Nowadays, a website is one of the most important digital assets for any business. Proper planning, development and maintenance of the website will help a brand yield maximum returns on its investments. So why not develop a website with the best web development company in Kerala? Acutis Digital is a trusted web development company in Kerala that helps you develop and maintain websites for your brand. We provide customised solutions for your brand needs. Our experts here are equipped with the know-how and also the supporting software and tools that let you build customised websites. We are also an e-commerce development company in Kochi that delivers responsive and secure e-commerce for brands. Our team of experts create e-commerce websites that go with the brand persona and meets the functionality part too. So if you need an e-commerce development company in Kochi that has a team of creative marketing individuals do reach out to us.

We provide excellent user experience and expert technical support so that your brand never gets crashed. To get your website up in no time with the best ecommerce development company in Kochi reach out to us.

Ecommerce development company in Kochi

Mobile Application Development

Creating dynamic experiences that fit in your customer’s palms

Customers are evolving so as their choices of viewing the digital content. People are now using their mobile phones to access the web and other services. So if your brand falls short in this arena, it could possibly result in the loss of a segment of prospective customers. Creating and maintaining a Mobile application eases your business operations. The creation of a custom mobile application is not an easy process. It requires a combination of creative and technical efforts to build and roll out one. Starting from the logo of your application to the visual experience that an app provides, is built by a competent team of creative artists and sharp developers.

Our developers at Acutis Digital helps your business to develop custom mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Web development company in Kerala

The phases of development

Ecommerce development company in Kochi


A website represents a brands vision, mission and values. It acts as the face of the brand in the digital world. So the website developments begins from an analysis of the brand, its competitors, target customers and the present trends.

Web development company in Kerala


Based on your requirements a mockup design is created for your website. The design needs to perfectly align with your brand characteristics.

Ecommerce development company in Kochi


The approved design is then developed to form the first impressions of your website that consists of the brands contents.

Web development company in Kerala


This phase involves testing many parameters like user interface, database testing, security testing, client and server testing and other website functionalities.

Ecommerce development company in Kochi


Once the designs are finalised, and website is tested for bugs and the rectifications are done we are ready host the website live.

Web development company in Kerala

After support

The website development is a process that requires comprehensive monitoring. We provide you all the support that is needed to keep the website crash free.


Website Development

We define, design, develop and implement your brands website needs. We have experience and expertise in the website development field and our experts can surely help you to develop what you need. We are the best web design and web development company in Kerala, that have worked with several brands to develop a responsive website for them.

Content management system

One of the vitals of a website is an active and reliable content management system. We help you create and maintain a responsive website and a reliable content management system.

UI/UX Development

Transform and scale up your business by creating a user friendly interface for your website. We develop a website that is easy for your users to navigate and loads faster.

E-commerce site development

A solid e-commerce website lays the foundation for your strong online sales. Creating a smooth interface that showcases your products and provides the user an easy navigation can help you ease the conversion process.

Wordpress Development

We help you create websites by customizing the themes available in the Wordpress. Wordpress is a great platform that requires a web development expert to create customised website designs.

Website application

Website applications are popular now as it provides a platform for smooth transactions between the brand and its customers. We help you manage the front end and back ends effectively. Do optimize your website and its contents reach out to us.

Mobile App Development

Redefine your brand and give it a mobile identity. We deliver the right solution by sorting out the best alternative from the list of possibilities. Take a step ahead of your competitors and transcend into the mini-screens of your prospective leads. We help you create a platform that fits in your customer's pockets perfectly. Let’s develop your mobile app with Acutis Digital.