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Enabling brands to surf above the ordinary and create a unique space
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Surf above the crowd

Acutis Digital optimizes your website to turn up on the top positions of the search results. The first thing users do find a product or a service is looking them up on the search engines, making it mandatory for brands to turn up on the top positions of the search results.

SEO helps in increasing organic traffic and pump up the sales volume. We help you to analyse the competition and come up with strategies to surf above them. At Acutis Digital we start with analysing your website and an audit report is prepared. The present status of your website is found out and the tools to optimize it is done to rank it better.

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Best SEO Company in Kerala

Brand awareness

Turning up on the top positions helps your brand to build trust and credibility. Your business can only be discovered by your prospective customers only if it turns up on the top position of the search results. The top positions help to build a positive image in the minds of your customers.

Best SEO Company in Kochi

Stay ahead of the competition

SEO helps you to stay ahead of your competitors. Our on-board SEO experts continuously track the search engine algorithm updates and your competitors to come up with an accurate strategy to keep your website up on the top position. To experience the best SEO services in Kerala, talk to our experts right away.

Best SEO Company in Kerala

SEO and UX go hand in hand

The optimizations that you do for SEO directly improve the user experience of your website. SEO involves the complete reworking of your website and hence provides value addition to it and the users can navigate easily through your website.

Best SEO Company in Kochi


SEO is the best way to build your customers organically over time and can be done by incurring the minimum cost. SEO is a cost-effective technique to bring in more genuine leads, traffic and conversions.

Best SEO Company in Kerala | Best SEO Company in Kochi

To reach the top, you have to start from the bottom

Website analysis
and evaluation

At Acutis Digital we start with analysing your present website and evaluating it in terms of SEO. The problems if any sort out and an audit report is prepared. Our SEO expert conducts a deep study of your product and business goals, its competitors, related keywords and target customers. The SEO strategy is prepared thereafter.

Best SEO Company in Kerala

Regular performance tracking

SEO being a highly competitive domain, there are various factors that can affect your website rankings. Just turning up on the top position is not enough, the effort lies in maintaining the position. We at Acutis Digital monitor your website performance regularly to keep you updated with the changes in algorithms and competitors moves.

Strategy and
goal development

Once the loopholes are identified and the necessary evaluations are done the next step is framing a strategy to achieve the goal. SEO involves channelizing several tools to achieve a common objective based on the goals of your business, its competitors, keywords and the target customers.


We optimize the overall contents and framework of your website to make it keyword friendly and increase its visibility. Contents are prepared, backlinks added, on-page and off-page activities are carried out to get you the desired results.

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All our SEO services have the ultimatum to turn up our client’s website in the top search result.

Best SEO Company in Kochi

SEO audit

We help you analyse and understand where you stand on your SEO game. A website is audited keeping in mind the industry you serve and other variables such as – your website design and code and the URL structure.We make use of several tools to measure the quality of your website and how well it is optimized for search and give you an in-depth audit report.

Best SEO Company in Kerala

On-page and Off-page SEO services

Both the on-page and Off-page tools work hand in hand to give you the desirable results. On- page SEO involves optimizing the actual contents in your website and off-page SEO involves increasing the authority of the website through various methods. We provide customised services for each of our client and is the best SEO Company in Kochi. We at Acutis Digital consists of a strong team of SEO experts to give you a 100% return on your investment.

Best SEO Company in Kochi

Quality link building

Building quality backlinks/hyperlinks to your website is the only way to get timely results. A hyperlink acts like an easy way for the users to navigate between different webpages. Creating backlinks is a complex process and a backlink to your website from another having higher domain authority is always beneficial. This is a fundamental part of SEO that helps you build trust and credibility and drive more organic traffic and increase conversions.

Best SEO Company in Kerala

Content creation for SEO

The content plays a vital role in your SERP (Search Engine Result Position). The only way to turn up first is to improve your website content. Updating contents as per the trends, optimizing it with the new and possible keywords with high search volumes are all a comprehensive part of content creation for SEO. Creating content that attracts your target audience and fulfils the search engine requirements need to be prioritized and no one does it better than us.

Best SEO Company in Kochi

Local search optimization

Local search optimization involves optimizing your website content for better visibility in local search results. Local search engine optimization helps the search engine to understand where is company is located, products and services offered by you, company timings and all the other necessary information required by your client to find your business.