Why should you include Wikipedia in your digital marketing strategy?

13 | June 17, 2021

Why should you include Wikipedia in your digital marketing strategy?

Wikipedia is the world’s most popular online encyclopedia. Whenever a user searches for something online, Wikipedia is considered a trusted source for credible information. Wikipedia can be used by your business to enlist yourself and increase your reputation and credibility online.

The fact that makes Wikipedia different from all the other websites that it only hosts that information that is genuine and is confirmed through various background checks. The information that you want to put up on Wikipedia goes through thorough analysis and background checks, not everyone can enlist themselves on Wikipedia without proper procedures and several background works.

So if you are a business that wants to level up your digital marketing campaigns including Wikipedia in your strategy is a must. Acutis digital is one of those few digital marketing agencies in Kochi that provides the service of Wikipedia enlisting. There are several points to note before your content enlisted in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a platform that has no profit motive and is established to provide only genuine information to its users. Hence, Wikipedia cannot be used as a self-promotion platform for your brand.

So let’s look at the benefits of enlisting your business in Wikipedia

+ Ensures credibility

Wikipedia maintains only credible and genuine information. The information’s that are fake gets deleted automatically and this ensures credibility. A Wikipedia page about your business can increase your online reputation.

+ Brings in organic traffic for your business

When you search for a business in Google you’ll notice that if that business is listed in Wikipedia it automatically comes up in the top positions of the search result. Search engines pick up Wikipedia pages automatically and this can help your business to increase its visitors through the Wikipedia page.

+ A platform to provide your complete information

Wikipedia serves as a platform to provide complete information regarding your brand. Every detail regarding your brand can be included in your Wikipedia page, this makes it a one-stop place to get information regarding your business.

+ Helps in SEO

Backlinks from the Wikipedia page to your website is a great way of increasing your SERP. Moreover, Wikipedia is a credible and trusted platform that plays an important role in displaying your business Wiki page on the first pages of the search results.

+ Increase your sales

People tend to buy from credible sources. Hence listing yourself in Wikipedia is a sign of prestige, authenticity and credibility that will enable more customers to buy from you.

Creating a Wikipedia page is a complex process but once it is done brings in rewarding results. SO if you are thinking about how to get your Wikipedia page up, do reach out to our expert at the best digital marketing company in Kochi, Kerala - Acutis Digital.

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June 17, 2021