Will artificial intelligence take away all human jobs in 2023?

13 | December 29, 2022

Will artificial intelligence take away all human jobs in 2023?

You will be shocked to know that 50% of all jobs will be automated by AI in the next fifteen years. AI has indeed taken most human jobs, which is a bit scary because it may leave humans with no job. But what we need to understand is that AI cannot think like us humans. Artificial intelligence is not a new technology, it has been used for a long time to automate the manual work. AI was used to read handwritten alphabets In the 90s. Then AI became so powerful that it can analyze essays and homework given by school teachers. And now in 2022 as we saw, AI can create new designs from text prompts. All the works are which needed humans earlier but now AI is enough, a simple software can do it in a second. The entry of artificial intelligence has changed the future of many industries and workers. As AI can perform work with more accuracy and efficiency most of our human jobs might get replaced by AI shortly. To get more tech-related updates visit us, we are the best digital marketing company in Kerala.

Now the questions that come to our mind are: what jobs are safe and what jobs can be replaced by AI?

Jobs that artificial intelligence can replace

Data Entry

Surely, a machine can do data entry faster than a human. And chances of accuracy also is high. A machine can easily do a repetitive assembled task more efficiently than humans.

Content Writer

Content writing is a field where people have to think a lot and write content in their style but AI is powerful enough to generate content for you in any style. We are aware of ChatGPT and AI tools that help us to generate content as we need. Now it is very easy to generate email content with AI. But we can’t say that AI will do creative writing better than a human.


Self-driving cars have already been launched and it is definitely a threat to driver’s job. It might not be fully possible to give control of your vehicle completely to AI, a human should be there to handle if something goes wrong. For more digital trends reach out to us, the best digital marketing agency in Kochi- Acutis Digital.


This is a kind of job where we cannot afford any human error because if you did any human error, then there are many chances you can lose a life. In fact, a 2016 study by Johns Hopkins University suggested that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the USA. AI is now being used for medical diagnosis too, For example, a study at Sanford University found that AI can detect skin cancer as a dermatologist, it is even said that AI can perform surgeries. But we all know that it is not completely possible to replace doctors with AI.

Automated machines may replace humans in the agricultural field. It is evident that machines can manage and monitor crops more systematically than humans. Machines might replace humans in agricultural fields soon.

Jobs that artificial intelligence can’t replace

Creative Jobs: It is mentioned above that content writing can be done by AI but when it comes to creative writing it is not possible for AI to think and create content like humans. Not only creative writing but also all other creative works need much more artistic talents, creative thinking skills, and critical thinking ability. AI might perform this job but could not be up to the mark as humans can.

Educators:A teaching job is not just proving knowledge to students but giving the right guidance and support. Teachers are more like parents, their duty includes taking care of every student and helping to solve their difficulties and problems which cannot be done by AI.

Counselling and therapy field: This field can’t be replaced by AI as it involves emotional support and empathy. A therapist needs to build a trustable relationship with the patient to provide guidance and support. Follow us for more tech-related news, we are the best digital marketing company in Kerala.

Scientists and engineers: Scientists analyse data and get to a conclusion based on their experience and knowledge, here AI can only help with data processing and analysis.

Can artificial intelligence really steal your job?

The truth is that people will need to accept technologies like AI or any other digital and intelligent technologies to be successful in their carrier, the only people who are going to lose their job are those who deny working with AI. People just need to understand how these digital tools like AI are going to help them with performing their work accurately. AI is not going to completely replace humans from there as AI cannot understand contextual scenarios. AI can replace humans for some of the basic jobs like data entry and serving food, but no sooner they could replace humans completely from their working field. Follow us, the best SEO Company in Kochi for more interesting digital updates.

Artificial intelligence is moving forward by creating new inventions every now and then. Above 50% of jobs globally are at risk of being done by automation. As we all started using Chat GPT, there is no need to explain how efficiently AI can work instead of humans. Customer service-like fields have already started setting up AI to provide services. People are under pressure by thinking about AI Stealing their job and the reality is many jobs will be replaced by AI in the near future. But there are more jobs that cannot be done by AI as it needs human intelligence. A fact we need to remember is that AI also provides more job opportunities for humans. All we need to do is adapt and accept new digital technologies and use them wisely for work purposes.

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December 29, 2022