Why does your google search result ranking change and how can you prevent its fluctuations?

13 | June 30, 2021

Why does your google search result ranking change and how can you prevent its fluctuations?

If you are a business and have a website you’ll notice that your search result rankings tend to fluctuate. Why do the Google search rankings change for your business? Having a digital marketing agency as your business partner can help you detect and solve these. Acutis digital is one of the best digital marketing company in Kerala.

Some of the possible reasons for these fluctuations are as follows.

+ Location of the search

The location of the user plays an important role in the search rankings. Google ranks those websites that are close to the user’s location. For example, if you search for “cakes” while in Kochi, the cake shops in Kochi and its locality will pop up on the top. Listing your business on the Google My Business Listing helps your business to be found by the users nearby.

+ The device

The device in which the user undertakes the search is also a deciding factor of the search rankings. Devices such as the computer and mobile respond to cookies differently and this will result in a varied search result ranking. It is always recommended to develop and maintain a mobile-friendly website.

+ Search frequency

The search frequency of a specific keyword by the user can also increase the chances of different search results. For example, if you often search for Acutis Digital on your device to read blogs from it, Google automatically studies your actions of clicking on your website and the next time you search for the same keyword “Acutis Digital”, Google will prioritize the website and place it on the top position for you.

+ Search history

Your Google search history, cache and cookies can play an important role in the results positioning when you undertake a search.

+ The type of search and filters used

The type of search filter used by the user also decides the ranking of the websites. Google provides various search filters such as Images, video, maps, shopping, news, books, flights and finance. You can filter the search results based on time too.

+ Paid Ads

Paid ads on Google can affect the position of your website. Google provides various paid ad tools which can be used to bid on keywords and place the desired result on the top search positions.

+ Competition from similar websites

Updating your website contents at regular intervals are necessary to keep your search result position. A competitor updating their website with a better SEO strategy can result in a fluctuation in your search result. For the best SEO services in Kochi, that lets you maintain top search result positions, talk to our SEO expert @Acutis Digital.

+ Google algorithm changes

Changes in the Google algorithm are frequent and can result in fluctuated search result rankings. Stay updated with the SEO trends and Google updates.

These are some of the reasons for the fluctuations, so what are the steps that you can take to keep your search result position without much fluctuations?

+ Consistent website updates

Regularly updating your website content is one of the many ways to retain your search result position. Update your website regularly with relevant and quality contents that are aimed at your target audience.

+ Check for lost links and broken redirects

Another reason for your search results ranking drop can be because of lost links on your website. Check for them and replace these old links with the new ones. Your website does not having a proper 301 redirect plan can result in dropping of your search ranking. An SEO expert can help you in keeping track of lost links and broken redirects.

+ Optimizing website loading speed

Ensure that your website loads faster. Optimize the elements that affect the loading speed of your website and work on that to increase your loading speed. A website with a higher loading speed finds better rankings.

+ Updating the Meta information

The Meta tags in your website provide an insight about the contents of your website to the search engines. Updating the Meta tags/information can help you rank better. Consistent addition of relevant information and updating the Meta tags can help you crack better results.At Acutis Digital we start with a detailed website SEO audit and then a strategy is framed and constant updates to it are done, making us one of the best SEO agency in Kochi. For the best results on your SEO campaigns, choose Acutis Digital.

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June 30, 2021