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How to make your UI more accessible to the users?

An easily accessible website that serves the users with the right information lays the foundation for all the other promotions that your brand can undertake. Improving your website UI &UX can help you drive more traffic and increase conversions. So how do you develop websites that are clean, smooth and fast?... »

Team Acutis 30 September 2021
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Learning what’s UX and UI to get a general idea of creating an efficient website!

UX and UI are the most inter-changeable words that you might have come across while talking about product design, be it web design or app development. So what are UX and UI? What is the difference between them?... »

Team Acutis 01 September 2021
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Hacks to improve your website’s Ux and get ahead of your competitors?

A well planned and designed website helps to provide your audience with the best user experience. A better user experience will help you to get a better SERP (Search Engine Result Position), increase the business leads, conversion and revenue. So what are some of the hacks to improve your website’s UX and get ahead of your competitors?... »

Team Acutis 29 July 2021