How to Mine Gold in Social Media

13 | December 03, 2023

How to Mine Gold in Social Media

In the late 2000s to the early 2010s emerged a distinctive field of marketing, coined as Digital marketing. It's a revolutionary change in the field of marketing. In the era of conventional marketing, it required very time-consuming methods and tiresome methods to connect with potential companies. For a small start-up to emerge in the field, it took a sacrificial amount of time and effort. The emergence of Digital marketing made the field way easier. Now the clients are just a click away. The important fact about it is that it can be done way more easily than the latter one.

Digital marketing agencies in Kerala now have grown in a way that they can drive sales consistently through powerful strategies and techniques, the marketing field has reached so far since 2000.

If we study the reason for its genesis, can find numerous reasons. But the Major reasons for its success are:

  • Existentialism: The quest for identity and Authenticity
  • Utilitarianism: The pursuit of happiness
  • Postmodernism: Destruction of reality or truth
  • Instant Gratification: Pursuing instant pleasure

The list can go up to hundreds. If we look at the facts, the human mind’s weakness resulted in their achievement of a vast island of gold mine. It's not an actual island, no, it's a virtual island. Even Though it’s made out of our weakness, it has a positive impact on today’s world, it's a goddamn jackpot for the business. This means at least one social media Marketing Company in Kerala might have your data. They know their interests, their IP address, browsing history, photos, and personal identifications. So, that platform became a goldmine for the companies. Here the gold is a human being with interests.

How the mining can be done

The process of mining through social media is called social media marketing. It's odd to call it marketing, it’s the standardized nomenclature but in reality, it's a form of mining. Take a look at it, what is to be mined, people’s data are to be mined. We are not using axe hammers or any drilling machines. Still have to drill through the minds of people. It's just a referral to the act of convincing people. An important factor determining the success of this operation relies on finding and targeting the datasets of people who are interested in your services or products. How it can be done, is great, needs some research and strategies which literally means traps to attract people.

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The Dual Essence of Social Media Mining

A great strategy can achieve a big amount of gold nuggets in your pocket. Successful communication ensures the conversion with the client. That means you have earned our gold. This refers to the technical aspect of it. But, the real philosophy lies in seduction. The seductive contents make it worth it. It hits the mind of the people, like striking gold. If the content strategist can break people’s minds then the phenomenon of mining will start. Then, there comes the second part of the strategy which is not philosophical but technical as I have mentioned in the previous paragraph. Let me explain in detail; the key factor for its success is determined by the content that you provide to mass the audience. If the content is captivating and given to the right audience, you have made gold. That means devotees for your purpose for the pursuit of your financial gain. Which means you can sell your products or services. This is how we convert people’s interest into money. Let it be gold or silver or copper or the coins of your choice. It's a gateway to success.

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It's not a leisurely Sunday BBQ in the huge world of social networking; it's a frantic gold rush, and I'm here to make my claim. Although it's described as social media marketing, the activity is more analogous to mining for gold in a vast digital mine. Data isn't all we deal in; we're also looking for something much more valuable: the rich tapestry of people's lives. The treasures we seek are their goals, dreams, and even their darkest secrets. It's similar to laying traps and knowing the ideal bait to entice prey. Here, we're not just talking about clients; we're talking about actual money, true relationships, and observable results.

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December 03, 2023