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Proven Customer Retention Strategies to enhance Business

With proper customer support and communication with the customer, your brand can maintain a repeated flow of customers after the first purchase for a long time.... »

Team Acutis 04 October 2023
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Starting the year with a great digital marketing campaign-things to take care

Here is checklist on how to start the year with a great digital marketing campaign that will help you drive 100% return on the investment.... »

Team Acutis 05 November 2022
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Content marketing trends to lookout for in 2023

The right content will always help you to attract customers. Here are a few content marketing trends to lookout for in 2023. ... »

Team Acutis 28 October 2022
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Increasing the returns from google ads by optimising the ad copy and landing page

Google ads let you place your product/service on top of the search results. This is the most effective way of online promotions. To know how you can optimise it for better results, reach out to us.... »

Team Acutis 18 August 2022
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The quality of your PPC Ad determines the click-through rates and several other things that are required to yield 100% results. So what are the things that you need to take care of to improve the quality of your PPC ad campaigns?... »

Team Acutis 12 August 2021
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Why does your google search result ranking change and how can you prevent its fluctuations?

If you are a business and have a website you’ll notice that your search result rankings tend to fluctuate. Why do the Google search rankings change for your business? Tap to learn more.... »

Team Acutis 30 June 2021
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What are PPC Ads and how can they help you to increase your business revenue

Pay-per-click ads are an effective digital marketing tool to bring in more revenue for your business. PPC ads can bring you excellent ROI and the PPC visitors have more chances of conversion than the organic traffic. So what are the different types of PPC ads and which one suits your business best?... »

Team Acutis 03 May 2021
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What is remarketing and why it is the best tool for your digital marketing campaigns

Remarketing campaigns have the power to increase your brand recognition among potential customers, recall them back to your land page and convince them to take the action. Tap to learn more about how remarketing can help your brand.... »

Team Acutis 12 March 2021
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Reasons why your business needs to invest in Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that helps you to advertise your business in Google search, non-search websites, mobile apps and other platforms by Google. Click to learn more.... »

Team Acutis 28 January 2021