What are PPC Ads and how can they help you to increase your business revenue

13 | May 03, 2021

What are PPC Ads and how can they help you to increase your business revenue

Pay-per-click ads are an effective digital marketing tool to bring in more revenue for your business. PPC ads can bring you excellent ROI and the PPC visitors have more chances of conversion than the organic traffic. So what are the different types of PPC ads and which one suits your business best?

The different types of PPC Ads are

  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • Social media ads
  • Remarketing ads
  • Google shopping ads
  • Instream ads

These ads have different characteristics and can be used, according to your business objectives. To get started with your PPC ads for your business to reach out to the most trusted PPC agency in Kerala at team Acutis.

+ Search ads

Search ads are the most popular and common PPC ad. These ads appear on the top and bottom of the Google search results. Search ads can be located and differentiated from the organic search results as these have an ‘Ad’ tag at their ends. Search ads let you advertise textual content.

So how do you run a search ad?

Search ads start with keyword research and then choosing your keyword. The keywords depend on the type of your product/service offered by your business - look for all the possible terms that your potential customer may type on the Google search bar to find your business. Long-tail keywords are better for search ads and can help you to generate more leads and will keep your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) low.

Once the keywords are selected the next step is to bid for the keywords. The placement of your ad depends on the amount you have bid for the CPC and the ad quality score. Acutis digital will help you to ease the process and help you for increasing your ROI.

+ Display ads

Display ads are another type of PPC ad that can help you to reach your target audience. Display ads help you to place ads (Both text and images) on Google’s partner sites.

So how can you create a display ad?

The process of creating a display ad is similar to that of a search ad. Google needs to approve your display ad before it is placed on the websites. After the ad is approved you can choose the sites in which your ads are needed to be placed. Display ads are a great way to reach potential customers and convert them into paying ones.

+ Social media ads

Social media ads help you to reach a wider audience and can help in building your brand image and increase the levels of conversion.

Running a social media ad starts with choosing your social media platform. All the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest support ads and you can select the platform according to your choice and your objectives.

Social media platforms allow you to target your audience based on their location, age, gender, interest, education etc.

+ Remarketing ads

Remarketing ad is another PPC ad that lets you retarget those users who have already visited your website or have interacted with your contents. Remarketing is a great way to remind your audience to take the desired call to action.

Remarketing ads can be set up by using Google’s remarketing code/tracking pixel. Leaving the tracking pixel on your website helps you to analyse your page visitors - what products/services they have visited on your webpage. A list is created based on this analysis and the users are then retargeted.

+ Google Shopping ads

Google Shopping is another type of a paid ad wherein you can place your ad in the form of a carousel above the Google search results. These help you to showcase your products/services along with their prices and features. For setting up Google shopping ads you need to create a new campaign in your Google ad account with “shopping” as the campaign type. Along with this, you’ll also have to set up a product feed, a Google merchant centre account, and your shipping and tax settings.

+ Instream ads

Instream ads are paid ads that can be placed on YouTube. These ads can be placed on YouTube’s search results, YouTube videos and other video partners on the display network. It is a fine platform to place your ads and can help you convert YouTube viewers into your paying customers. The setting up of Instream ads starts with selecting the video type campaign in your Google Ads account, followed by adding the budget, scheduling your ad’s time and the date and the selection of the network to place your ad.

PPCs are a great way to turn up your leads and increase your ROI. The selection of PPC ads is a hectic task and you need an expert to help you with that. Acutis Digital is a PPC agency in Kerala that have the best PPC strategist in the industry and can help you to draft accurate strategies

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May 03, 2021