Fun ads used for marketing during Cricket World Cup 2023

13 | November 28, 2023

Fun ads used for marketing during Cricket World Cup 2023

After the Indian team's performance in the Cricket World Cup 2023, people still couldn’t accept the failure of the Indian team. Even though we couldn’t win the match, there are other interesting things for us to discuss. Like the players on the ground, many brands also tried getting attention during the World Cup with their funny and interesting marketing tactics.

Digital sports advertising also allowed sponsors to engage the fans until the match began. Advertising companies tried their best to engage their followers during this Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 to create and develop a stronger connection with their audience. Let’s check out some interesting ads from the 2023 World Cup.

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The food delivery app Zomato did an ad with Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh and Chris Gayle. In the ad, they joke about how people say Zomat or Zomato differently, but instead of paying attention to that, both actors enjoy watching cricket and ordering food from Zomato because of their excitement. As many other brands do, Zomato also utilized the World Cup 2023 to market its service with the excitement of a cricket match.

As no match can be complete without food, zomato's marketing strategy worked tempting the cricket fans to buy food to celebrate watching their favourite match.


Ms. Dhoni and Oreo came together as a team and did the campaign "Oreo Bola Mat Bol" campaign during this World Cup. While all other brands concentrated on increasing the hype of the Men's World Cup 2023 with their marketing, Oreo tried an unconventional style by asking the fans to hold their over-excitement. They passed a message that too much confidence and excitement may result in failure or the team might struck with Evil Eye.  The connection between Dhoni and Oreo made the ad fun and memorable.

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Itel Mobiles

Itel Mobile did the marketing, which was a four-minute video that conveyed a beautiful story of dad and son. The story tells about sacrifice, dreams, and the advantages of technology. The dad wanted his son to go to the live cricket match and the son brought the match experience home with his Itel smartphone. This was one of the finest marketing tricks that we have seen during the men's cricket match in 2023. The ad shows how appealing Itel smartphones are to people of all ages.


Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk set an emotional campaign that made them feel close to their dairy milk. The campaign was "This World Cup let’ #SitTogether." The ad gives a message that we should sit together with our family and friends while enjoying the match. They even provided a QR code on the chocolate pack, which gives the customers an opportunity to watch the match at the stadium. The ad tells how cricket brings people together while adding a sweet touch of World Cup excitement to people.

The campaign was based on the brand’s belief that the happiness of cricket should be shared; that’s why they encouraged the audience to sit together and watch cricket matches.



Dream 11 is a company that focuses on making funny ads. They made the #thodaextra campaign during World Cup cricket 2023. Three cricket stars, including Rishab Pant, were there in their ads. They made funny ads based on sports to promote their brand with the excitement of cricket. Their ads made watching cricket even more fun for the fans.

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The World Cup came to an end, but these ads are still in our minds. These brands showed us how they can join the world of cricket by adding some fun to the forefront. They utilized this opportunity to market their products in a way that connected with the audience. These ads have become a part of the whole cricket experience. Brands used this opportunity to develop stronger connections with their customers through digital advertisement. During this much-awaited cricket match, brands were in another match, to entertain their audience by joining the cricket celebration.

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November 28, 2023