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Learn the art of marketing for your Food & Beverage Business

The key to running a successful business in the food and beverage field is to identify your potential customers and make them revisit your brand.... »

Team Acutis 11 October 2023
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How to run a Successful Service Based Business

If you are a beginner, a service business is the best option for you. It will not cost more money to start and is risk-free for a less experienced person.... »

Team Acutis 16 March 2023
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Build an online presence from scratch

A start-up needs an online presence to create awareness about its brand and build a trustable relationship with the audience, which results in the success of the brand.... »

Team Acutis 16 February 2023
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Mark zuckerberg launched twitter rival threads

‘Threads,’ this new app released by Mark Zuckerberg is a game changer. ‘Threads’ can be a new opportunity for the troubled users of Twitter.... »

Team Acutis 12 January 2023
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A guide to check whether your website ux is effective or not

How do you check whether your website UX is effective or not? There are several metrics that you need to consider while checking this. Read to know more.... »

Team Acutis 29 September 2022
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Why do we suggest wordpress for your website development?

There are many reasons that makes this platform popular among the web developers, business owners and even freelancers. Even experts suggest creation of WordPress websites for brands. So why do we suggest WordPress for website development?... »

Team Acutis 22 June 2022
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Benefits of hiring a web development company for your websites

There might be many cheaper options in the market that would help you develop a website, but we always suggest hiring an agency. Let’s look at all the benefits of hiring a web development company for your website.... »

Team Acutis 15 June 2022
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Proven methods to improve your e-commerce website customer experience

A smooth, neat and clean e-commerce website is the key towards business growth and expanding towards a global market. So what are the things that a brand needs to take care while developing their e-commerce website? ... »

Team Acutis 04 May 2022
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Steps to improve your mobile website loading speed

A faster loading website opens up more opportunities, leads and conversions. Mobile users usually have very little patience and your site needs to load faster to grab their attention. So let’s look at the steps by which you can speed up your website.... »

Team Acutis 17 March 2022
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Proven ways to increase your ecommerce website traffic

Creating a website is the first step. The next step is to bring your prospective customers to your website and urge them to make the purchase decision. So here are some of the proven ways to increase your e-commerce website traffic.... »

Team Acutis 24 February 2022
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How can you increase your wordpress website loading speed?

The users depend on the search engines to look for those essentials that they need and your website loading at a lower speed can have a major negative impact on their minds. So how do you find solutions for the low loading speed of your WordPress website?... »

Team Acutis 15 January 2022
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Essential features every ecommerce website in 2022!

An ecommerce website is to showcase and sell your offerings through digital mediums. The ecommerce website must assist them with everything that makes the process an easy, transparent and happy one. Let’s look at all the essential features that you need to include in your ecommerce website.... »

Team Acutis 10 January 2022
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Why are data visualisations recommended for your websites and apps

Including visual elements such as graphs, charts and other visual representations will help you to make your product a bit more attention-grabbing, neat and expressive. Read to know the other benefits of data visualisation are. ... »

Team Acutis 03 November 2021
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Essential features that you need to include in your website

A smooth website with good design and great functionalities will help your business to grow. While designing your website here are some of the essential features that you need to include in it.... »

Team Acutis 26 October 2021
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How can you make your website more engaging in 2021?

An engaging website ensures that your visitors stay on your page for a longer period of time, making them read through your values and your products. It is also helpful to obtain inputs from your visitors. Tap to read how you can develop engaging websites.... »

Team Acutis 06 October 2021
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Things that you should ask a web development company before you choose them

All the aspects must be properly checked during the web development phase so that changes if any can be implemented early. So if you are developing a website for your business for the first time what are the things that you should ask the agency/developer?... »

Team Acutis 15 September 2021
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Why Website Management is important for a better ROI

Typically website management consists of content management, website security and website support. All three must be taken care of effectively. Let’s looks at the major components of website management that you need to take care of.... »

Team Acutis 09 September 2021
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How does web design affect content marketing?

Web designing/web development aims at creating a simple, responsive and user-friendly website Content marketing aims at delivering the required message to your clients at accurate times. A website acts as a digital interface between your brand and your customers. Read to learn how these are mutually dependant.... »

Team Acutis 02 July 2021
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5 signs that suggest that you need a website update.

Websites do not have specific time-bound update criteria but refreshing your website every 9 to 12 months and doing there redevelopment every 4-5 years is recommended for every business. So what are some of the signs that suggest that your website needs an immediate update? ... »

Team Acutis 03 June 2021
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Creating an E-commerce website for your business.

An e-commerce website allows your customers to go through your products and services, read their reviews and order your products. Take a read to learn how to get started with your e-commerce website?... »

Team Acutis 05 May 2021
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How to increase your landing page conversion rates for better ROI?

The landing page conversion rates always depends upon the quality and quantity of your landing page. So if you are a business that has a landing page but is not able to meet the desired results here are some points to get you back on track.... »

Team Acutis 25 March 2021
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How can a website help your business?

A website is your greatest digital asset. If your business has a website, it has more chance to be discovered and found. So let’s check out how a website can help your business.... »

Team Acutis 07 January 2021