What is domain authority and how can you increase it?

13 | May 19, 2022

What is domain authority and how can you increase it?

While considering your SERP (Search Engine Results Page), domain authority is a term that you would have heard much often. This is one of those factors that affect the ranking of your website on Google. So let’s look at what domain authority really means.

Domain authority refers to the ranking metrics that predict the position of your website in the SERP. Higher domain authority will get you a higher search position than the lower ones. Now let’s look at the general scores and where does your website stand according to that. A score below 30 is considered very poor. 31 to 49 negative, 50 to 60 average, 61 to 79 positive and above 80 as exceptional. Having a reasonable domain authority is important and it completely depends upon the industry that you serve and the competition that you have to meet. For example, if you are an online shopping portal and your closest competitor has a domain authority – of 46, then efforts must be made to bring your domain authority above this figure to maintain a higher position. To get more hacks and optimise your website to meet the competition and get a 100% return on your investments, reach out to the best digital marketing company in Kochi – Acutis Digital! There are many ways that you use to improve the domain authority of your website. As Google’s algorithms are changing from time to time, other means must be also employed to get a better result and position for your website through your digital marketing campaigns.

High value backlinks

Backlinks are one of the many factors that decide your website's domain authority. So having quality backlinks to your website can help you have a higher domain authority figure. Keeping an eye on your competitor and employing similar backlinks can help you rank better. To get an SEO strategy with a sure shot return on your investment, reach out to the best SEO Company in Kochi – Acutis Digital.

Strengthening your internal links

By placing internal links you are keeping your visitors glued to your website for a longer period of time. Through this, the users can connect with your brand and read more about you by linking the connections through the backlinks on your website. This will also help the search engine crawling bots locate and index your website and its contents more easily.

Regular website auditing

Regular website auditing will help you to increase the efficiency of your website. Look for all the bad links and eliminate them. Bad links are all those links that have expired or are from websites that are untrustworthy in nature. Google effectively monitors these to provide a smooth experience for its users, so ensure that your website does not have any bad or broken links.

Publishing high-quality content regularly

Putting up high-quality content is necessary. Make sure that the things that you publish on your website meet a certain standard and provide the users with some kind of value so that they stay on the page and engage with your content. Posting regularly will help you to stay in the limelight and increase the number of people clicking and accessing your website and its contents.

Ensuring a better user experience

Providing the visitors a better experience is always one thing that will help you to gain a better domain authority figure and in turn, help you to rank better. Make sure that your website is designed in a simple manner so that the visitors can navigate in an easy manner and access all the options effectively.

Improving the loading speed

A better website loading speed is the key to a better rank. Make sure that the contents of your websites are optimised and all the unnecessary elements are removed from them. Domain authority is something that you need to take care of while you are aiming for growth through your digital marketing campaigns. Hiring a digital marketing agency will always help you with all of these and assist you to grow in a faster and more sustainable manner. To get you growing and earn more returns on your investments – connect with the best digital marketing company in Kerala – Acutis Digital.

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May 19, 2022