What is voice search optimization?

13 | March 17, 2021

What is voice search optimization?

Voice searches are getting popular as more and more people are making use of them every day. Voice searches are more convenient as it requires only the user to speak out the query to the digital assistant and not type it. Voice searches have become popular with the launch of products like Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other digital assistants available in electronic devices. Voice searches provide the users with an easier way to search for things, ability to multitask and find answers instantly. People from all age groups are now starting to undertake voice searches making voice search optimization a necessary tool.

Voice search optimization is similar to search engine optimization. Voice search optimization simply refers to optimizing your website and its contents for voice search. Optimizing your website for voice searches are completely different from SEO. The queries in voice search usually share some specific characteristics.

+ Voice queries consist of conversational words and are longer

While doing your Voice search optimization for your website you should keep in mind how your prospective customers are going to speak about your product. The voice queries used by the users are usually long and consists of conversational words. Voice searches are spontaneous and are not that structured as queries you search for via typing.

+ Voice queries are mostly for local content

As said before most of the voice queries are spontaneous and are done to find local information. Most of the voice queries end with the keyword “near me”

+ Users aim for immediate results

Most of the voice searches are done through mobile phones to find immediate answers to the search queries. So listing your business in Google listing will help your prospective customers to find your business easily.

Here are some of the factors to consider while optimizing your website for voice searches.

+ Voice search keyword research

Both in SEO and voice search optimization keyword research is the foundation for everything else. Look for those keywords that come in when people talk about your business and its product/services. Focus on conversational keywords.

+ Include question formatted contents in your webpage

The voice searches are in a question format and including question formatted content in your website will help you to turn up faster on the search results.

+ Keep your website mobile-friendly

Most of the voice searches happen through mobile phones, thus keeping your website mobile-friendly helps it to rank higher on the search results.

+ Include FAQ’s in your webpages

Most of the voice search queries start with words such as – what, who, how, why etc... Hence including FAQs in your website is going to help you optimize your website for voice searches.

+ Enlisting yourself in Google My Business Listings

Ensuring that your business is listed in Google My Business Listings will help you to be found easily by prospective customers.

Voice search is getting popular day by day and it is important for businesses to leverage their possibilities. Voice search optimization is surely going to help in finding new customers and ultimately increase your sales and revenue. To get ahead of your competitors partner with a digital marketing agency in Kerala, which will help you in creating an overall marketing strategy in all your digital platforms.

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March 17, 2021