The Truth Behind Zudio's Success Story

13 | April 05, 2023

The Truth Behind Zudio's Success Story

Zudio, launched by the Tata group, has stolen a trend in India’s fashion industry. This fashion brand was unknown two years ago but is now thriving like people’s favorite fashion brand. The pricing: which brand prices items for 29 and 49? The majority of their items, including makeup and clothes, are under 999. What they have made is not just cheap prizing, Zudio created their own space in the massive competitive market, and now they have a huge fan base.
Zudio doesn’t give discounts or seasonal sales, then how did they manage to make this impact in the fashion industry? Let's decode the hidden marketing secret and the story behind Zudio’s unmatched success.

Zudio’s prizing

70 percent of the young generation of Indians prefer stylish products at an affordable rate. Zudio’s pricing strategy goes well with this by allowing rapid growth in sales. Customers who want to spend a higher amount on fashion will go to brands like H&M and Zara. But when they do not want to spend a lot on fashion, they will choose value brands with low costs. When they think about low prizing, Zudio must be the first brand that comes to their mind, which gives quality products

Recent trends under 999, Zudio clearly understands that customers don’t need labels, they need clothes that look amazing and go with the trend. Low prices not only increase sales but also create free marketability through word of mouth. If you want to frame a well-planned strategy for the growth of your brand, look out for the best digital marketing company in Kerala.

Zudio and store promotion

This fashion store by Tata Group doesn’t grow organically; they have come up with certain marketing strategies for opening their stores.

=> • Zudio has set its stores at premium locations to ensure maximum footsteps or foot traffic, they get maximum customers from that area. => • We could see Zudio stores near brands like Zara and H&M, which is their marketing strategy to make customers believe that they are also a premium brand. => • The interior also is premium-looking

All these give Zudio customers a premium shopping experience but at a low cost. Indian customers have only seen air-conditioned and premium set-up shops with very expensive products. Zudio broke this assumption by giving a premium experience in shopping at a cheap price.With proper planning and understanding of market needs, any brand can grow its business as zudio did. One can stay in touch with an ecommerce development company in Kochi, for guidance and advice.

Low-cost production of Zudio

Zudio has its own in-house design and production, which helps it with low-cost production. They take raw materials from cheap cost suppliers. Zudio introduced itself as an affordable fashion brand for middle-class people. For low prices, they maintained quality and style. And they targeted price-sensitive yet fashion-forward customers. And they successfully established an identity among fashion customers.

Zudio has no e-commerce store

Why Zudio doesn’t have an e-commerce store? Well, this is another clever decision they have made. This is due to two reasons

=> • The Delivery Charge. => • The high rate of return products.

The delivery cost might affect Zudio's low pricing strategy. Also, if people don’t like the product, they will return it. Both of these will negatively affect Zudio’s business plan. So they focused on the growth of their physical stores. They started seeking the attention of offline customers. Zudio has already opened more than 350 outlets in popular cities.
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Quality of Zudio products

You might find similar products in other branded stores, but expensive. Zudio focused on maintaining the quality of its products. They give basic designs and regular tops for a cheaper cost but no compromise on the quality. You can get pretty dresses of decent fabrics in Zudio, without spending much. Zudio’s designs are basic but pretty; this is exactly what most of us need. So when you get quality and trendy dresses at cheaper prices, nobody can pass without having a look at them. Most of the lead generation agencies in Kerala help their customers build marketing plans.

Zudio applied a simple sales strategy by offering affordable and stylish fashion products to customers all over India. Indian people are prize-sensitive; when they get quality and trendy fashion products at low prices, they won't hesitate. The location of their outlets is mostly near high-end brands or in a premium location, which increases the customer footprint in that area. While locating near brands like Zara and H&M, they made a status in customers' minds that they are also a premium brand. Their in-house low-cost production helped them to give the customers low-cost and quality products.

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April 05, 2023