Is pausing your SEO efforts once reaching on the first page of google a good idea?

13 | April 06, 2022

Is pausing your SEO efforts once reaching on the first page of google a good idea?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is your key to a world full of new possibilities and growth. To get your audience's attention and make them visit your brand’s website, you have to undertake SEO! Through this, your brand will be visible to the ones that are looking for you. Nowadays everyone searches for the things that they need through a search engine. Google being the most popular one, ranking in top positions is important. So how do you get to the top? Just reach out to the best SEO Company in Kerala – Acutis Digital, and see the results from month one!

It takes a strong strategy and consistent work to reach on top. But the main question that we get frequently is – do pausing the SEO efforts once reach the first page of Google affect your ranking? The answer is a YES!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something that you need to keep on doing even after you reach page one. There exists high competition and regular updates are needed to be done so as to maintain the position. So let’s look at all the things that matter while you do your SEO and why a continued effort is required.

Continues effort will help you retain your top position

It requires a well-defined strategy supported by efforts to reach the first page of Google. Once reaching the top you are required to keep the SEO efforts going. Continuous improvements to the website such as adding keywords, creating high-quality content and adding backlinks can help you to remain on top and tackle the competition. To get your website in the top position in Google search results partner with the best SEO Company in Kochi, Acutis digital!

Keeping your contents fresh and updated

Google loves fresh and authentic content. Keeping your website updated with new content can help you to get more attention from Google and this will in turn help in re-indexing your website and the keywords which will pave way for better positions or safeguarding your top position. These updates will also help you tackle competition and get ahead of them.

Google algorithm updates

Google updates its ranking algorithms frequently to provide a better experience for each user. Hence keeping up with the algorithm updates is also a must. An SEO analyst can help you by providing all the insights and hacks to keep up with these updates and rank better.

Keeping an eye on the competition

A strong SEO strategy is one thing that is going to improve your website ranking and maintain your top position. So framing a strong plan and executing it in the right way matters. Keep an eye on your competitors and look for new ways in which you can update your website to meet the growing SEO needs.

Nowadays every brand is working towards reaching the top. A top position in the Google search results will ensure more leads, conversions and website visits. A clear-cut SEO strategy will help your website to reach on top of the search results. So start ranking better with a digital marketing agency in Kochi that caters to all your content production and promotion needs.

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April 06, 2022