Content marketing trends to lookout for in 2023

13 | October 28, 2022

Content marketing trends to lookout for in 2023

Content is truly the deciding factor which can make or break your brand whilst promoting your business through the digital domains. The right content is always helpful to keep your audience engaged and the conversations about your brand running.

The main of content marketing is attracting your audience and converting them into high paying customers. Brands make use of a wide variety of content to attract their audience. Nowadays, the social media platforms provide a bundle of content options. From short videos to carousel posts, the social media platforms have options to create them all. One of the keys to an effective content marketing strategy is providing personalised content that connects with your audience. This involves providing some kind of value to them - enlightening them with knowledge, entertaining them and finally mixing it up with asking them for the desired call of action. To get a better understanding of the content and marketing techniques for your brand, why not partner with the best social media marketing company in Kochi? @Acutis Digital has everything in store for you to grow and nourish your brand.

So it's 2023 already, and how are you going to leverage content marketing to get the best results for your brand?

Experiment with different contents and find a niche that works for you. Remember that all the content a brand creates is to connect with their audience and convert them into customers. Let's look at some of the content trends that you need to focus on in 2023.

Short videos

Creating short videos is an effective way to immerse your audience and grab their attention. Videos are a great way to engage your audience and they are a form of content that every brand should create. Videos are 25% more effective than any other form of media on the social media platforms. Moreover, these platforms' algorithms prioritise videos over other content forms.

A quirky, fun and short video will help you turn up clicks. So start experimenting with video content and find a niche for your brand. Some of the points to keep in mind while you create video content are as follows:

  • Keep your videos short.
  • Look for the trends on social media platforms and create videos accordingly.
  • A good caption is always recommended. *Shoot high quality visuals.

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Collaborations with creators and influencers

2023 is going to see a rise in collaborations by brands with creators and influencers. So prepare a strategy that includes brand collaborations with influencers.

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach your prospective customers and convert them into paying ones. It is one of the most solid ways in which you can create new customers. Influencers and creators have a fanbase, brands can easily leverage this.

To know more about this read our blog WHY SHOULD YOUR BRAND INVEST IN INFLUENCER MARKETING IN 2023?

AI gaining popularity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a great role to play in the digital marketing domain in 2023. We will see a rise in the usage of AI tools such as Chat GPT, and more. These are the tools that are going to get you creative input, even help you create social media posts and blogs for your website. So keep an eye on these and utilise them effectively to grow your brand.

Long form contents and live videos

There are still people who consume long-form contents. Analytics suggest that there is a definite percent of the audience who prefer long forms of content such as blogs, long videos, podcasts and more.

Long form contents such as blogs, ebooks etc.. are going to help you with your SEO. There will be a need for long form contents in 2023. So, have a lead and start working on long form contents for your brand too.

Contents are the most valuable currency for every brand in this digital era. The right content strategy will help every brand to utilise the opportunities and also prepare for the possible risks. Content is the one thing that you can use to attract and influence your audience.

So create a content marketing strategy that will help you cut out the competition and bring more sales and revenue. To find out more about how you can grow your brand, reach out to the best digital marketing company in Kerala - Acutis Digital.

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October 28, 2022