Essential features every ecommerce website in 2022!

13 | January 10, 2022

Essential features every ecommerce website in 2022!

An ecommerce website is to showcase and sell your offerings through digital mediums. The customers have now shrunk to their smart devices for most of the purchases. Most of the everyday things now being available through the digital platforms, an ecommerce website can surely help your brand to set a prominent footing in the market and offer your customers a better experience. Your ecommerce website must ease the customers buying process. It must assist them with everything that makes the process an easy, transparent and happy one. Investing in the right design features makes the difference. So invest smartly in a Web development company in Kerala - Acutis Digital, to create responsive and right feature loaded ecommerce websites for your brand.

Now let’s look at all the essential features that you need to include in your ecommerce website.

A search bar

A search bar lets your visitors sort out the things that they want from you. It acts as a tool to get what they are looking for in an easy and hassle-free manner. This feature is considered to be essential as it helps your visitors to save time. An advanced product finder on the website will help you to get this right.

Carousel banners

Grab your visitor’s attention and let them navigate through your website by inculcating sharp and visually appealing images of your products on the homepage can make a great difference. Investing in the right branding tactics lays the foundation for the visual appearance of your website. Whatever your business size branding is important to know more about it read our blog - WHY BRANDING IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS?

Main menu button

A menu button at the top that lists all the products offered by your products into different categories can be a major advantage for your business to showcase your products in a neat manner and also for your customers to find them. All the ecommerce websites have this feature and it's one of the mandates for each one. For example, if you are a clothing brand that offers clothes for only men, you can categories the clothes into different sections such as – casual wear, formals, party wears and more.

A newsletter subscription pop-up

A newsletter is a personal way to connect with your customers and provide them updates regarding your workings. A popup asking your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter can be helpful for your business to connect with your audience in a more personalised manner.

Product comparison tool

Your customers can be very picky and confused at times. So having a product comparison section can enable them to choose a product apt for them, compare the values such as colours, dimensions, weights and more provided by them and land on a better decision regarding their purchase.

Review section

A review section is an incredible way to highlight the authenticity and genuineness of your business. Your customers can share their feedback in this section and all the other visitors can see this and take the decision. Customer reviews are important and they can help you high time to bring more conversions.

Wish list section

A segment where the customers can add the products that they like for future purchases should be included in your ecommerce website. This serves as a reminder for the user to come back and buy the products that they have already watched and liked for future purchases!

Help Desk

A help desk that assists your customers in solving every query relating to your product and all the related activities should be a mandatory feature that your business needs to provide in your ecommerce website. These will help in creating a better customer experience.

These are just some of the essential features that you need to include in your ecommerce website in 2022. These are key to improving the customer experience and providing them better value! So to get assistance and develop a perfect website for your business, reach out to our experts at the best ecommerce Development Company in Kochi – Acutis Digital.

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January 10, 2022