How to increase your landing page conversion rates for better ROI?

13 | March 25, 2021

How to increase your landing page conversion rates for better ROI?

A landing page is the most important asset of your business in the digital space. A landing page is created with the main objective to generate authentic leads for a business. The landing page conversion rates always depends upon the quality and quantity of your landing page. So if you are a business that has a landing page but is not able to meet the desired conversion rates or increase your return on investment here is some points to get you back on track. (Acutis Digital is one of the best Web development company in Kochi and can help you to increase your conversion rate)

So what is the landing page conversion rate?

There might be many users who have been visiting your page but not completing the call of action/the desired action. A user who completes the desired action by visiting your landing page is called a converted user. The landing page conversion rate can be easily calculated by dividing the number of users who have converted by the total number of page visitors. A landing page must be created by keeping in mind the perfect strategy to urge the visitors to complete the call of action.

So here are some tips to increase your landing page conversions and thereby increase your ROI.

+ Improve your page loading speed and fix all the bugs

The page loading speed is the deciding factor by which the user visits your page or drops it in the middle. A page that has a lower loading speed is usually abandoned by the user and he jumps to another webpage. Always optimize your landing pages to load faster and remove all the bugs.

+ Focus on the call to action

Your landing page must be created strategically with the aim to convert each of its visitors. The people who visit your page must be directed towards the completion of the call to action. Depending on your business the call to action can be filling a form, subscribing to the newsletter, downloading an E-book or any other action. The landing page must direct and compel towards completing the desired call of action.

+ Your landing page must be visually attractive

The focus must be given to making the landing page visually attractive. Include attractive images, interesting videos and animated gifs to make your page attractive and compel your visitors for the conversion. While adding visual elements to your page make sure that it does not slow down your page.

+ Try to include social proofs on your page

Social proofs such as client testimonials and client reviews can help you increase your conversion rates. Pieces of evidence such as these will help you in building trust and credibility. This will ultimately result in increased conversion rates.

+ Optimize the landing page for mobile

Most of the users access the internet through their mobile phones. Hence importance must be given to optimizing your landing page for mobile phones. The users of mobile phones are all-time high and keeping your landing page mobile-friendly will definitely help to increase your leads and revenue.

+ Keep the textual contents short and targeted

The textual contents of your landing page must be short and to the point. Ensure that your landing page mentions your USP and it contains only the necessary information. The contents must be drafted keeping in mind the target audience.

+ Run tests on your page

Continuous evaluation and improvements can be made to the landing page to see which one brings in more conversions. Always try to improve your landing pages with new additions to the page and test new formats of contents and visuals.

Keeping your landing page updated regularly will help you to convert more. The landing pages play a crucial role in generating leads and sales for your business. Understanding your audiences and providing them with what they need can help you to increase sales and revenue. We here at Acutis Digital will help your business to develop accurate strategies to get more sales and revenue.

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March 25, 2021