Essential features that you need to include in your website

13 | October 26, 2021

Essential features that you need to include in your website

A business website is a gateway of possibilities for your business. It is the strongest asset that a business has in its digital quest. There are many things that a business needs to take care of while planning and developing a website. An efficient website will help you fetch more traffic, leads and conversions. A smooth website with good design and great functionalities will help your business to grow. We are a web development company in Kerala that helps you get the right clicks. Our experts at Acutis Digital plans your website using the right elements so that you have a vibrant, responsive and dynamic website that gets you the right return on your investment.

While designing your website here are some of the essential features that you need to include in it

Call to action

A website without a section highlighting your call to action is an utter waste. Your website must urge its visitors to take the desired call to action. All the elements in your website must be placed in a way that leads your visitors to your call to action. For example, if your business is a clinic, a section where your visitors can book an appointment must be highlighted

Including live social media feed

Including a live social media feed of your business on your website is one of the latest trends. This is a great way to showcase your business updates. Social media being popular now, a live feed will definitely help you to attract more audiences.

XML site map

An XML site map helps users to navigate smoothly through your website and its different web pages. This also helps in simplifying the SEO process for your website. XML site maps are considered essential for all modern websites that wish to do SEO.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate authenticates your website's identity and makes way for an encrypted connection. This is essential for creating a secure connection between your website and the visitor of your website. This certification helps in securing your website and also helps for search engine optimization (SEO)


Testimonials are a great way to build credibility for your business. A section highlighting what the users have to say about your product/service plays an important role in your website. Most of the brands have this section on their websites.

Contact information

A section that highlights the means by which your customers can reach you can help them in many ways. A map extension, your businesses address, phone numbers and e-mail id must be an integral part of it. Providing accurate contact information lets you build confidence in the minds of the visitors.

FAQ section

An FAQ section assists the users of your website. It helps them to clear some of the basic queries regarding your product/service. Many users visit this segment for first-hand information about your business.

There are many other things that need to be taken care of while developing a website for your business. Each element needs to be properly examined. We are a 360-degree digital marketing company in Kochi that provides you with all-round business digital marketing services. If you are searching for a website or ecommerce development company in Kochi to take care of your website needs talk to our experts right away! /p>

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October 26, 2021