How does web design affect content marketing?

13 | July 02, 2021

How does web design affect content marketing?

Website designing and content marketing go hand in hand. The visual representation of the texts, images and even the video elements in your website needs to be properly taken care of. A website is a brand's most valuable digital asset, hence we recommend you hire a web developer for your websites. Acutis digital is a complete digital marketing agency in Kochi and houses a creative batch of the workforce.

So let’s take a look at web designing and content marketing. What are its goals? Web designing/web development aims at creating a simple, responsive and user-friendly website. A website acts as a digital interface between your brand and your customers. A website contains all the details regarding your brand and the services that you offer. Content marketing aims at delivering the required message to your clients at accurate times. Content marketing if done properly can yield your business a higher ROI and build better brand awareness.

Web design and content marketing work together to help you deliver the brand message to your prospective clients. So what are the things that affect each other?

+ Creating a first impression

The website design is the first thing that grabs the attention of the visitor and creates a first impression. If your website is not up to date or flaunts a not so attractive design the user will leave your website.

If your design manages to capture the visitor’s attention the next thing is the contents present. The textual content plays an important role. Keep your message simple and short.

+ Website navigation

Make sure that your website is user friendly. It should be designed by keeping the user in mind and they should be able to navigate through your website easily and find what they are looking for effortlessly.

Instead of stuffing long paragraphs of content in your webpage use the drop-down menu format to sort your content and present them in a more user-friendly manner. A complicated arrangement of your website content can result in an increased bounce rate.

+ Content readability

The message that you want to communicate with your audience must be written in a simple manner and should be in a readable format. Break down the contents into eye-catching headers and small paragraphs to urge your visitors to read them. The font style and font size must be taken into consideration before you finalize your website design.

So what are the other things that you need to take care of while creating content for your website in 2021?

+ Providing value

The contents placed on your website must provide some kind of value to the users who are reading it. Users are becoming pickier and they now have an immense number of choices to pick from. So, create content that provides the users with some kind of value.

Focus and include content regarding what are the problems that your brand is going to solve through your product/service.

+ Including expertise

People always look out for expert suggestions and recommendations. Including an excerpt from an expert’s conversation can help you increase your credibility. Google also analyses the quality of your website content and this results in your website SERP. Backlinks and keywords will short before authentic and genuine content.

+ Creating content for the users, not the search engine

The search engine algorithms are constantly changing and now they detect and rank those websites that provide an enriched user experience. Websites with quality content tend to turn up in better positions and the other things that affect it are web design, user experience, and load time. Creating content keeping in mind the users and not the search engines can help you win big.

+ Simplifying the content

The website contents must be simplified and broken down into tiny pieces of valuable information. A website that has been sorted out properly with eliminating the technical terms and replacing them with simplified terms finds more visitors to them.

Content is always the king and leveraging the content in a better manner is the answer to better results. Creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy can help you frame the right steps to achieve all your business goals. To know more about how to analyse the competition and frame better strategies for your business get in touch with the best digital marketing company in Kerala @AcutisDigital.

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July 02, 2021