How can you increase your wordpress website loading speed?

13 | January 15, 2022

How can you increase your wordpress website loading speed?

A website is the greatest asset of any business in the digital domain, the loading speed is one such significant factor that affects the user experience high time. A better site loading speed is also essential for a better SERP. Thus every business needs to ensure that their websites load at a higher speed.

The users depend on the search engines to look for those essentials that they need and your website loading at a lower speed can have a major negative impact on their minds. The search engines also rank the websites with low loading speeds down the lane. So how do you find solutions for the low loading speed of your WordPress website? We being a leading web development company in Kerala, help you develop and maintain responsive and up to date websites. A faster loading speed is the key to more traffic, conversions and in turn revenue.

Google page speed insights can be used to check the loading speed of your website. Just copy your URL or the URL of the website that you want to check the loading speed and paste it at the dialog box and press OK. You will get all the details regarding the speed and how you can optimise it more. Here are some ways in which you can increase your WordPress website loading speed.

Database optimisation

All the information including the images, pages, blog posts, comments, plugin information, themes, uploads in your WordPress website gets deposited in the database. The addition of content to your website can cause the deposit of unwanted mash data too. These can directly affect the performance of your website. Optimising the database at regular intervals can help you in improving the site speed and the user experience. There are several plugins that can help you solve this issue. Some of the most popular ones include WP Optimise, WP DB manager and WP Sweep.

Image optimisation

Optimising the images is also a crucial step. The higher the size of the images the longer the website loading time. So optimising the images that you want to upload to your websites is important and will definitely help you in a big way. You can optimise your images by using free plugins such as – WP Smush, Compress JPEG & PNG Images plugins.

Choosing the right theme

Selecting the right theme will help you to speed up things. There are some themes that will have several built-in animations and other effects that can slow your website down. So choose a theme that has a user-friendly interface, better effects and other security options.

The hosting service you choose

The hosting service that you choose for your website also plays a major role in deciding your website loading speed. This decision needs to be taken on the basis of the website traffic you are expecting. If you are expecting very low traffic for the webpage then a shared hosting service will be apt for you. For websites that have more traffic, you can choose managed WordPress hosting or a Virtual Private Server.

CSS & Javascript minification

Minification refers to the process of removing unnecessary characters from the source code of the programming language without changing its functionality. The CSS & Javascript minification will help you to improve the loading speed of your website. This can be done manually or automatically by using certain plugins.

The Google map plugin

Providing your location on the website will help potential clients to reach you in an easy manner. But adding the map as such will increase the webpage size, thus using a Google map plugin is a smarter move to pull down the size and push up the speed of your website.

These are just some of the points by which you can deal with the loading speed of your WordPress website. We are the most trusted ecommerce development company in Kochi – We deliver the websites within the deadline and provide you with all the assistance that you need to get it running! So talk to our experts today itself, to get more hacks on improving your website performance.

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January 15, 2022