5 signs that suggest that you need a website update.

13 | June 03, 2021

5 signs that suggest that you need a website update.

The greatest digital asset for any business is its website. A well-maintained website will help you acquire more traffic to it. The internet and the search engines are evolving day by day and you need to update your website and its contents regularly to increase your chances of visibility. Visitors of a website always look for a user-friendly one where they can locate things easily and find the information they are looking for easily.

Websites do not have specific time-bound update criteria but big brands usually refresh their website every 9 to 12 months and do their redevelopment every 4-5 years. Refreshing a website refers to the surface changes made to a website such as a change in its colour scheme, updates in content such as the images and the copy. These changes can be quickly updated. Redevelopment of a website is updating its content management system (CMS) and the long backend code. Redevelopment of a website not only gives it a facelift but a change in its functionality too. We are a web development company in Kerala that has a team of experts to find the right status of your website.

So what are some of the signs that suggest that your website needs an immediate update?

+ Poor UX

The user experience of your website is a metrics that you need to keep in mind. The user experience for a user can be a positive one and also a negative one, the increase in the negatives is a sure sign of an update. Issues such as slow loading speed, broken links, unintuitive navigation, lack of responsiveness, and poor user ratings can adversely affect a drop of your SERP (Search Engine Result Position). A web developer can help you assess these issues and the necessary rectification steps can be taken.

+ Outdated visual design

The visual attractiveness of your website plays an important role. Keep your designs unique, minimal and updated. A modern approach is appreciated by most web users. Don’t let your appearance look outdated, colour it up with scalar vector graphics, easily understandable illustrations, quality images and minimalistic fonts.

+ Focus shifts from the call to action

The ultimate aim of each website will be urging the customers to complete the call of action/the desired action. Ensure that the focus of your website is on the desired call of action – these can be different in different websites and can include filling in a form, subscribing to the newsletter, move forward with the cart etc... Ensure that these actions coincide with the current strategy of your business, a change if any need to be immediately updated!

+ Weakened CRM integration

Users prefer smooth operations in your websites. Everything on the website from login pages to blog pages, contact forms to video contents should operate connectedly and track the user activities. The tracking of these data helps to create a pool of data required for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Only a website built on a modern Content Management System (CMS) will securely and effectively integrate with a CRM system.

+ Backend errors

Some of the website errors might not be just from the appearance or from its top layers. Some errors can only be found out after a deep evaluation of the backend codes. The website might be functioning properly but some glitches and errors crawl up at times. Poor code planning can result in many unintentional errors arising on the website.

Anything that affects the smooth functioning of your website must be taken care of immediately. Make sure you have a visually attractive website that is updated once in a while with a faster loading speed. A website acts as the face of your business and helps you to develop credibility and trust. To know more about how to develop a website for your business partner with the best web development company in Kerala @Acutis Digital.

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June 03, 2021