What is a corporate video and what are the things to take care of while you create one?

13 | January 19, 2022

What is a  corporate video and what are the things to take care of while you create one?

We are a generation who has been plugged into our smart devices, most of the time and videos are a medium that we are glued into. Videos are now a medium of communication, entertainment and even knowledge. Video content finds more audience other than any other form of medium. You will all be familiar with various genres of videos. But what makes a corporate video?

A corporate video is a non-advertisement video of a brand and tells the story of it. It showcases its physical assets and gives every viewer a brief about the brand, its history, mission and even its values. A corporate video on the website of your brand can help your customers to establish a deeper connection with you. It can also be posted on your brand social media handles to provide a glimpse of your brand as a whole. To get more insights on how to create a strong branding strategy for your business reach out to our expert’s at the most creative Digital branding agency in Kerala, Acutis Digital. We are also a 360^ digital marketing agency in Kochi that helps your brand earn more!

A corporate video can serve you with many benefits in the long run. Creating a corporate video is an investment that will bring you sure shot results. Thus utilizing the resources in the right way is important. So let’s look at some of the things that your need to take care of while creating a corporate video for your brand.

Optimising the video length

The length of your corporate video is something that you need to focus on. Keep your video short and crisp, but make sure that an idea about your brand as a whole is given. Your target audience needs short videos that narrate the whole story in a proper manner, covering every aspect of your brand. Keep your videos between 2-3mins long.

Avoid the sales tone

Your corporate video should not be sales-oriented. Make sure that the video does not sound way too salesyy and you are pitching your product/service through the video. Make it a neat one about your brand.

Prepare a decent script

A script is essential for creating a corporate video. The script helps you in bringing clarity and provides a structure for the video. It helps you cover everything and also helps you find out the missing elements.

Do not overload it with information

Even though your business might have a decade’s long story to tell, keeping it short is important. Make sure that the video is not a bundle of information. Make it short and include only the essentials in it. Including a whole load of information can be a bit too overwhelming for your viewers and they may lose interest in digesting everything at once.

Adding the precise call to action at the end

After the narration part, a proper call to action must be attached to the tail end of your video. Make sure that it aligns with your need. Inculcate the apt call to action and it can be different for different brands. Choosing the right one for your brand is important.

A corporate video must be prepared in the right way to leverage maximum benefits from it. Keep the above points in mind while you are creating one for your business. For creating video content for your brands, talk to our executives at Acutis Digital – We are a video production and video marketing agency in Kerala!

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January 19, 2022