Tracing out the key differences between organic and paid social media promotions

13 | March 24, 2022

Tracing out the key differences between organic and paid social media promotions

Now social media has an active role in growing brands, and every brand is taking a share of the trends and features of it to leverage themselves. At present, there are around 43 billion users who use various social media platforms as a medium of communication, entertainment and also a medium to know about the happenings around the world. Social media if used efficiently can give your business the right kind of results.

People mostly think that organic promotions and paid campaigns are the same. There are striking differences between the two. For the best results, a combined strategy that combines both organic and paid promotions will yield you the best results. To know how to get 100% ROI and a creative approach for all your content on social media – reach out to the best social media marketing company in Kochi, Acutis Digital. Now social media campaigns are not just about creating audience engagement and brand presence online but it is used to support the full customer journey including customer acquisition, remarketing, retention, and service and collecting real-time feedback. Social media has now become purely an advertising channel to reach more customers on a personal level.

Organic Social Media Promotions

Organic social media promotions involve the creation and publishing of all those contents (photos, videos, memes or stories) in the social media account. These involve all those non paid features that one utilizes to publish content on these platforms. When you publish content organically the audience typically will consist of

   *  A portion of your follower list.

   *  Anyone to whom your followers have shared the post.

   * Anyone who follows the hashtags that you have used under the post.

Brands can use organic social media campaigns to establish a strong brand personality, interact with the customers, collect feedback, create a conversation on a specific topic and announce new product launches and more.

Benefits of organic social media include

   *  It is the most cost-effective method.

   *  You can establish your brand personality.

   *  Engage with your customers and educate and inform them about your products/services.

It requires a long period of time to gain results from organic means of promotion. Thus this is the greatest challenge that each brand should work on. The algorithm updates and less reach are some of the other limitations.

Paid Social Media Promotions

Paid promotions involve boosting the content that you have posted on these social media platforms by spending money. Almost all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and also YouTube provides this feature. These can help businesses to reach more audiences, drive in more leads and conversions.

So how can paid promotions help you?

   *  Paid promotions help you reach new audiences. Your content will reach new groups of audiences based on the target groups set by you.

   *  The lead generation campaigns through social media platforms are comparatively less expensive in comparison with any other channels.

   *  Helps in retargeting your old customers and also who have visited your pages but has not yet made the desired call to action.

Paid promotions are highly effective to grow customers for your brand. A combination of organic and paid promotions in social media will get you the right results soon. So if you need to know more about how you can grow your business with digital marketing, reach out to our experts at the best digital marketing company in Kerala – Acutis Digital!

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March 24, 2022