LinkedIn Marketing and how to ace up your marketing moves with LinkedIn

13 | April 28, 2021

LinkedIn Marketing and how to ace up your marketing moves with LinkedIn

Making use of multiple platforms to promote your business is always considered a winning move. Digital marketing is a way to enhance your average sales and revenue. A great digital marketing strategy will help you to cut down your cost and increase your ROI investment. Team Acutis is the best digital marketing agency in Kochi, which can help you pump up your sales and increase your ROI.

LinkedIn is turning out to be a popular social media platform that has the potential to generate quality leads, build brand awareness, expand your network and bring in more sales for your business.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that focuses on career networking, building and sharing for its members. The potential of the platform is much more and can be used to promote your business and connect with other professionals, colleagues, potential employees, business partners and customers. LinkedIn marketing helps you to drive more traffic into your website, generate quality leads, establish a strong network and even lets you find accurate employees for your business. LinkedIn is the best platform if your business is a B2B type and can help you target your audience accurately unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

So how can you ace up your LinkedIn marketing strategy to bring in more sales and conversions?

+ Customize your company profile

Create your business profile in a professional manner. Provide all the information relating to your business in your profile and ensure that more than one channel of contacting your business is provided.

+ Post consistent and actionable contents

Posting on a regular basis will help your business to increase your visibility and the chances to reach more users. Your posts need to appear regularly on the feed to be recognized and accepted by your audience. Create posts that urge the users to take an action. The content must be interesting and fresh.

+ Utilize the LinkedIn tools

LinkedIn provides a list of tools that can be used to analyse your performance and can give you accurate insights about your postings. Your business can create sponsored content, regular text ads and send targeted text messages with sponsored InMail feature. LinkedIn’s matched audiences tool also lets you retarget those users who have interacted with your contents.

+ Make use of InMail

InMail is a feature provided by LinkedIn that lets you message anyone on the platform. InMail is a paid feature but is an effective part of your strategy as the InMail response rate is 3 times more than that of the traditional e-mail.

+ Ensure executive’s participation in your posts

Including the interactions of your businesses founders, co-founders and top-level executives in your profile can help build trust and credibility. Postings and content interactions can be made by these executives to create a deeper bond with the audience.

+ Engage with your connections and followers

You should focus on providing timely replies to queries in the form of messages and comments. The replies act as a sign of your businesses responsiveness. By responding to these queries and keeping up the interactions can help you build more trust and customer loyalty.

+ Make use of the LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups help you to interact and connect with like-minded users on the platform. This acts as a great platform to sort out your target audience and get news regarding the latest trends and updates. Creating your group relating to your industry can help you stand out from the rest and get you an advantage to lead from the front.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that has numerous potential to promote and grow your business, which the mainframe businesses are yet to leverage. Creating and carrying out effective strategies can help your business to earn more. Craft accurate lead generation campaigns with the best social media marketing company in Kochi that can help your business to yield increased ROI.

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April 28, 2021