Leveraging Facebook Ads for your E-commerce Website

13 | July 23, 2021

Leveraging Facebook Ads for your E-commerce Website

Facebook is now more than just a platform where you can share pictures, videos and texts but has become a medium of information interchange. All the latest news, trends and updates are shared through Facebook.

So if you are a brand that is not leveraging the capabilities of Facebook marketing, you are missing out on a lot of things. Social media marketing enables you to reach your target customers, create and maintain engagements with them. Acutis Digital being the best Social media marketing company in Kerala, provides the best social media marketing services and can help your brand to grow and reach more audiences.

Facebook ads not only bring traffic to your website but also helps you to increase sales. Running combinations of dynamic product ads and conversion ads for your e-commerce business can help you yield maximum ROI.

Facebook provides the user's tools to retarget those customers who have visited your website and have not completed the desired action. This acts as a gentle reminder to those users who have added items to the cart but not completed the transaction. Retargeting is the best tool to increase the volume of sales and increase the ROI.

Choosing the right objective for running the Facebook ads is necessary to ensure the efficiency of your ad. Few of the objectives that one can choose to run a Facebook for e-commerce include.

+ Catalog sales

This is the best objective to completely convert those users who have visited your website and left the process halfway. The catalogue sales objective lets you advertise your product sets or catalogues on Facebook. You can specifically choose the product to be shown as an ad, its price, discount amount, short descriptions etc.

+ Conversion

Apart from the dynamic ads, Facebook lets you advertise the bestsellers from your website. You can add the product in your ads as carousals or even a single plain image.

Now we can look at the different types of audiences that we can target for our ads.

+ Website

These are those audiences that have visited your e-commerce website. They can be retargeted with Facebook ads on the basis of time spent on the website or on a specific product or on a specific page.

+ Customer list

These are those audiences that you can fill in on a custom basis by uploading their details such as name, e-mail id, location, order value etc. These are a great way to reach your potential customers that are similar to your present high-value customers.

+ App activity

If your business has an app, the user’s behaviour on the app can be monitored and retargeting can be done on the basis of this.

+ Offline activity

The offline activity of the users can be monitored when they visit your physical store. The behaviour can be studied and data sorted out and can help you to retarget through the online channel.

+ Facebook tools

Facebook provides a lot of in-house tools that can be used to analyze your visitors and retargeting can be done on the basis of this.

Once the target audience is identified, the next step is to finalize the creative. The creative content works differently for different products, audiences, locations and demographics. The creatives that can display in the best manner should be taken into consideration.

+ Single image Ads

Single images are great for products that have clear pricing and CTA. The audience can get an idea about the product at first glance itself.

+ Video format ads

Video format ads provide the audience with a rich visual treat and a spark to recall your brand. Video ads involve creating and sharing a visual story for your product. These have the ability to stop the audiences scrolling and see your ad.

+ Multiple ads

Through multiple ads, you can display a list of products from your website in the form of catalogues, product sets and dynamic ads.

+ Carousel ads

These ads focus on a series of images of the same product or different products.

+ Collection ads

Collection ads are a combination of images and video ads. These are usually designed in a highly attention-grabbing manner.

There are some practices that you need to follow for your product ads

+ Creative adaptations

Optimizing your ad in the right size for different places of posting is necessary. The statuses and the regular posts have different kinds of structures.

+ Product centric

Ensure that the ad focuses on your product and followed by other characteristics such as the cost, CTA etc.

+ Minimalistic approach

The creative ad for the product must be done in a minimalistic manner. Use simple designs and colours to highlight your product.

Knowing about the basic objectives, audience types and best practices for Facebook ads can help you bring in more leads and conversions.

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July 23, 2021