Leveraging Instagram shop feature for your business in 2022!

13 | January 05, 2022

Leveraging Instagram shop feature for your business in 2022!

Scrolling is the new way of life, the new of discovering products and has become one of the essentialities in 2022. Every brand that wishes to stand out and reach their customers have now taken Instagram as a strong medium of communication to propagate information relating to their products/services.

Recent statistics show that the majority of the internet users in the country use Facebook and Instagram. Most of the Instagram users fall under the age group 20-30 years. If you look at this, the majority of this falls under the prospective customers of every brand. It has become a mandate for brands to advertise and connect with their audience. To take get a better insight into the world of Instagram and its possibilities reach out to the most creative social media marketing company in Kochi, Acutis Digital.

Instagram is now a platform to create, connect and convert. The latest feature of Instagram shop lets brands sell their products through the platform. So how can your business leverage this opportunity?

Your business needs to first set up the shop feature and needs to get approval for further operations.

* Update to the latest Instagram App version

* Your brands page must be a business account

* You need to have a product catalogue or an online shop.

The product catalogue on your brand’s business account or the online shop determines the reliability and authenticity of your shop which in turn helps in the approval process. So what are the steps to successfully start your Instagram shop?

The first step involves turning on the Instagram shop and getting it approved. Go to setting in your business account → Click on the business option → Tap on Shopping (The shopping option will only appear if Instagram approves your request) → Once it is approved you can proceed to link the product catalogue into your account → Tap OK!

To get the approval you need to comply with the terms and conditions laid by Instagram. You can only sell physical/tangible products through Instagram. Payment related options must be taken proper care of. Instagram is a great platform to talk about your product, market it and even sell them. The easy user interface can help you reach more people with ease. The ads feature provided by Instagram plays a key role in promoting your brand, its products and reaching more people. You can promote it in various formats including – videos and images.

The platform is great for providing information regarding your product. You can post images, videos and even try out influencer marketing for your product through Instagram. These are the latest updates that Instagram has to offer. These can be effectively utilised by the brands to provide a better brand experience and values for the customers. So start today and start with the best digital marketing company in Kochi by your side – Acutis Digital!

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January 05, 2022