Learning what’s UX and UI to get a general idea of creating an efficient website!

13 | September 01, 2021

Learning what’s UX and UI to get a general idea of creating an efficient website!

Web development is a term that you might have used or continuously using if you are a person working in the digital marketing field or a business person who’s on the lookout for new ways of marketing your business. A website plays an important role in building a strong business these days. So if you are a person who needs a website or is a person who deals with this domain you should definitely know about UX and UI. So if you are a business person who would like to pump up your sales by creating a website, choose a Web Development Company in Kerala that gets you a 360-degree solution for your business!

UX and UI are the most inter-changeable words that you might have come across while talking about product design, be it web design or app development. So what are UX and UI? What is the difference between them?

UX is the acronym for user experience and UI stands for the user interface. Both the terms are related but are two different and separate entities. User experience refers to the experience that a user derives while using the product – the website/app. It consists of all the aspects of the end user’s interaction with your product – be it a website or an app. UX design simply involves creating easy to use products for the users to interact with. In order to provide a better user experience for the users, there are certain points to be taken care of.

Make sure that your website is useful to its user. It should provide some benefit to its visitors. The usability factor must be also taken care of – the user should be able to easily navigate through it.

User Interface in simple terms refers to the layout of the product. UI is of many types and the most common ones are – command-line interface, graphic user interface and voice-enabled user interface. For a better user interface, ensure that the layout of the product is easy to use and responsive. The designs should be simple and clean, so the users can locate things easily. Both UX and UI are dependent on each other but are entirely two different concepts. A poorly designed UI can result in a poor user experience. The UI should be created keeping in mind the users and their preferences.

UX deals with the purpose and functionality of the product, whereas the UI deals with end-users and their interaction with the product. UI is more objective and materialistic. It deals with the colours, font, and text size and overall feels of the product – all of which is experienced by the end-users. UX is more of a social component that deals with the users and their tastes, it deals with establishing clear cut communication with them. UI focuses more on the technical elements whereas UX deals with project management and analysis

UX focuses on the users while the UI focuses on the product. UI involves inculcating all those elements of communication in the project layout from the viewpoint of the designer. UX involves creating valuable and easy experiences for the end-user. UX and UI are interconnected. The changes in one affect the other. SO balance between the two is required to create a perfect product.

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September 01, 2021