Interactive videos - The best way to increase audience engagement?

13 | February 10, 2022

Interactive videos - The best way to increase audience engagement?

Videos and images are the type of content that pulls your audience attention and makes them notice your brand. In the present times, brands are focusing more on creating content that is either in the video format or static visuals (Real images of products). Nowadays the key to marketing your products is building a story or experience around your product/service. Customers now tend to grasp and notice those creative visualisations that have a story to tell. To create unique content for your brand that is visually attractive, reach out to the best digital branding agency in Kerala – Acutis Digital.

Videos tend to gather more customer attention. We are a video production and video marketing agency in Kerala that helps you to create content that fits your brand aesthetics. Interactive videos are one of the different types of videos that can help your brand turn faces. Interactive videos refer to those videos with which the viewers can physically interact. These interactions can be a clicking option, follow links or even interactive games and more. Interactive videos are found to have more CTR (Click through rates).

So how can you make your video an interactive one?

Including a click to action in the tail end

Including a tail end that describes the desired call to action that you want the viewers to perform will help you to make your video an interactive one. An efficient script is a mandate. So design your videos in such a way that it includes this tail end.

Including fun quizzes or even puzzles

Videos become much more interactive when you include fun questions and puzzles in them. The viewers will be able to give their responses in the comment section. So keep this in mind for your next video.

Conducting Q&A’s and going lives at times

This is a great way by which your customers can interact with your brand. Through this, you are strengthening the bond between you and your customers. The customers can ask their queries and get it cleared first hand. To conduct regular video Q&A’s and going lives.

Provide new ideas and product demonstrations

These help to provide a better insight into your brand and help the viewers to discover your product more. Choose from the various ways that you can use your product to provide an efficient experience for your target audience.

Making your videos interactive is the first step for deriving the results from them. They all aim for content creation being better brand awareness, clicks and conversions – you need to focus on how you can drive in more revenue and get the best returns from your investments. For more results, sales and conversions through effective marketing of your brand, reach out to the best digital marketing agency in Kochi – Acutis Digital!

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February 10, 2022