How to draft an effective social media calendar for your brand?

13 | December 23, 2021

How to draft an effective social media calendar for your brand?

Postings on social media platforms have been changing rapidly. It has now become a platform to carry out properly planned strategies, accurately measure them and garner the desired results. Brands are now carefully crafting such strategies to make them stand out of the competition, pull attention and nurture your present customers. Every brand requires a digital marketing company by their side to carry out these tasks so that they can focus on their main aims.

Creating a social media calendar is essential. This helps you to leverage the opportunities perfectly. Acutis Digital is a social media marketing company in Kerala that has a proven track record in growing and nurturing the social media audience of brands. Our experts come up with fresh and attention-grabbing content to turn heads and increase views.

Social media calendar is an effective way to chart the postings for your brand. It lets you decide and plan in advance what are the known opportunities that your brand can leverage. So how can you draft an effective social media calendar for your brand?

Going through your present social media handles

The first step involves analysing the present social media handles of your brand. Look for the patterns, the posts that performed well, the posts that don’t fit the grid or your pattern. Bringing uniformity is essential. Make sure that all the credentials of your handles such as passwords and login ids are noted.

Identifying the type of content you want to share

Having an idea of what type of content that you want to share on your social media handles will let you bring uniformity and help you set targets in an easy manner. Decide on whether you want to engage with your audience, entertain them, educate them or initiate your desired call to action. This will also help you to sort and choose the platforms on which to post the content.

Setting the frequency for each type of content

Once the type of content has been decided upon, the next step is to define its frequency of posting. You should decide on how often you need to upload each type of content. For example, if you have decided to post a reel on Instagram showcasing your product, decide or choose a fixed day to upload it – charting reels every Monday and Thursday or any other day – by analysing your engagements and other analytics.

Planning the content

Both the visual and textual content that you are going to place in your post plays a major role in your campaigns. Plan on these carefully. The written texts must properly complement the visuals you are showing to your audience. The nature and preference of your audience must be properly analysed first hand and contents are required to be created accordingly

Each season brings in a load of opportunities for your brand. A social media posting calendar is always considered essential for your digital marketing campaigns. Bringing in a schedule can help you ease the process of content creation and posting for your brand social media handles. To get more tips on increasing your social media presence, reach out to the best digital marketing company in Kerala – Acutis Digital!

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December 23, 2021