How to create a solid Video marketing strategy

13 | June 22, 2021

How to create a solid Video marketing strategy

Video content is the most engaging type of content in the digital domain. A video has the ability to pause the user for a while and if it is an interesting one, urges the users to click more and explore the videos source. So a video content being a part of your digital marketing strategy can pull in more eyes, clicks and traffic. To get started on your video marketing strategy, talk to our experts and get a detailed idea of things. We are also a video marketing agency in Kerala that delivers eye-catching video content for your brand!

Video marketing has evolved and become a major and unavoidable marketing tool. Most internet users prefer video contents over any other form of contents. Video marketing is effective in building brand awareness, user engagement and ultimately increase your conversions. Video marketing has one of the highest ROI figures.

So if you are looking for creating a solid video marketing strategies that give you accurate results and ROI here are the things that you need to take care of;

+ Setting your goals

The first step in creating a killer video marketing strategy is identifying your goals. Run an internal business analysis and find out the things that you need to achieve through your campaigns. Analyse your past campaigns if any, and work on the sectors that you fell short on. Work on your business needs and create a strategy that fits to serve the purpose.

Acutis Digital can help you in creating adequate strategies analysing both the past and the future of your business. Talk to our strategist today itself.

+ Selecting the platform

The next step is deciding on which platform you want to carry out your video marketing campaign and create videos accordingly. The social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter – all have different forms of video requirements. Some may support videos in the landscape format or the others in the portrait format. The duration of your videos also plays an important part.In Instagram you can put up videos in the form of a regular post, an IGTV video, As Reels or a story or even as a live video feed. Do a brush up on the platforms and what formats they support and how you can present your videos in them. There are different audience for each of the different formats, do your research and create as per them.

+ Selecting the video type

Videos can be filmed to create awareness, educate, inspire and even entertain. The purpose of your campaign defines what type of video you need to create. Creating entertaining videos that contain the main goal of your business is always the recommended type. Now let’s look at the different type of videos.

  • Product video
  • Product videos are generally made to create awareness regarding your product. It serves as a source of information regarding your product and narrates its specifications and even your unique selling point. These are commonly made at the time of new product launches to promote them.

  • Interviews
  • Interviews are a great way of promoting your products in video format. Roping in a celebrity or an influencer and inculcating your product or service in it can help you leverage the individual's influence and fan following and create a trust for your business.

  • Behind the scene videos
  • Behind the scene, videos are helpful to provide your audience with an insight into your inner workings. These can help your business in creating a deeper connection with your audience.

  • Testimonials
  • Testimonials have a higher rate of creating authenticity and credibility for your product or service. A testimonial video contains visuals of a user of your product or service sharing their experience. Videos must be entertaining and educative too. Always go through your objective and create videos accordingly.

+ Planning the video content and shooting it

Once the above things are decided upon the next step is to thoroughly plan out your video. This is the most important part of your strategy. This is where your video gets a form. In this stage we plan the thread and main content of the video and work on it, script, storyboard, finalize the people who we need in them, the gears required to shoot, the location, time etc... After this step a clear-cut idea on what, when, how and who to shoot becomes clear. Shoot according to your plan.

+ Doing the post-production work

The activities involved in converting the shot materials into the final video output comes under the post-production work. Here the shot visuals are analysed and edited. The music or the sound is added and colouring is also done.

+ Scheduling the upload and promoting it

Once the final output comes, the next step is deciding on when to upload your final video. The timing needs to be accurate. Promoting the video on the uploaded platforms is necessary. All the social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube provide paid forms of promotions. Create a promotion plan to reach your target audience.

+ Analysing and understanding the results

Analysing the results of the strategy is an important step that is needed to be done properly. Measure all the statistics connected with videos such as the number of views, likes, comments and shares

The promotion platforms also provide several analytic tools to take a deeper look into the strategy. Analysing and understanding the results will help you plan more strategies in the future.

Videos are an engaging type of content and it’s high time your business leverage its possibilities. Creating a solid Video marketing campaign and including it in your digital marketing strategy will help you reach and earn more! Acutis Digital is your one-stop bundle to all your video marketing and digital marketing needs. If you are on the lookout for a creative digital marketing company in Kochi – Talk to our experts today itself!

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June 22, 2021