How is Barbie's marketing compared to Oppenheimer's?

13 | July 31, 2023

How is Barbie's marketing compared to Oppenheimer's?

In this fascinating world of movies, marketing is something that helps them make lots of money. Recently, two big movies, Barbie and Oppenheimer released on the same day, were huge box-office successes. The marketing strategies of both movies have taken center stage and become a substantial topic of discussion inside and outside the film industry. Both movies had remarkable success with the “Barbenheimer trend’. In the age of social media trends, people behind these movies were able to take the movies in front of a global audience. When checking the collection record, Barbie made more collections than Oppenheimer. Now the question is: when Christopher Nolen itself is a brand, how a movie like Barbie, flooded with pink and feminism, make more collections than Oppenheimer? Let's have a closer look at how the Barbie movie used marketing strategies for its success.

Barbenheimer trend

This trend helped both movies to gain more views and money. Without this, they might not get this many on their own. When the trend helped both movies gain popularity, Barbie managed to get more views. Oppenheimer can never be claimed as a family-friendly movie; their overly mature theme might be disturbing for family audiences and children. At the same time, Barbie can be entertaining for families, children, and younger audiences. This was an added advantage for the Barbie movie. Topics like feminism and humanism were discussed among mature audiences and critics, which had a positive impact on the collection of Barbie. Follow us for more marketing tricks and tips- Acutis, the best digital marketing company in Kerala.

Marketing hype for Barbie

As we know, Oppenheimer had more good reviews, but Barbie’s social media and marketing hype helped it to climb to the top. Barbie explored every part of the digital space through its fans, so not being excited about Barbie was difficult. Barbie can be enjoyable on any kind of screen where Oppenheimer was pushed for an IMAX experience. This also affected the sales of Oppenheimer.

Shorter time period of Barbie

The Barbie movie is less than two hours; this run time was tolerable for fans. A short-time entertainer. At three hours, Oppenheimer needed more time and dedication. Fans need to find more time in their busy lives to watch this Christopher Nolen movie. The fact that Barbie was shorter than Oppenheimer helped it to gain more showing in more theatres than Oppenheimer, which helped Barbie to break box office records. Be in touch with us, the best SEO Company in Kochi, to get more business-related advice and strategies.

The Nostalgia of the beloved doll Barbie

As humans, we all adore our past and good old days and cherish the memories that come with them. This feeling is called nostalgia. Having been the favorite doll for ages, Barbie has a vast fan base across all age groups. The marketing team of Barbie wisely used this to promote the movie by aiming at the nostalgic older audience. The announcement of the movie itself gave a lot of excitement among the fans, they had been waiting so long to see their favorite doll on the big screen. You can be inspired by these marketing strategies and apply them to your business to gain more valuable customers and audiences, or you can contact a video marketing agency in Kerala or any kind of marketing agency for your help.
The marketing strategy they used was unique and unconventional. Leaving the traditional advertising methods, they decided to promote the movie through social media. People behind this movie first created an Instagram account and started sharing content like behind the scenes. The account quickly gained massive followers. They used the nostalgia of fans to make an emotional connection between the audience and the movie.

Barbie and partnership marketing

The partnership had played an important role in marketing the Barbie movie. Many major brands including Burger King, have posted things on social media for their Barbie collaboration. This multi-channel approach on every social media platform helped them gain a large audience. While seeing all these Barbie things on every social media it is difficult not to watch this movie. These marketing strategies convinced us to watch Barbie. Reach out to the best digital branding agency in Kerala to get more updates about the digital world.

Barbie and Oppenheimer increased each other's sales. Together, Barbie and Oppenheimer gave the biggest movie weekend. More than 200,000 audiences bought tickets to see Barbie and Oppenheimer same day. We might think that releasing two big movies on the same day would decrease the sales of both movies. But that is not true, it actually did boost the sales of both movies. Those who didn’t get tickets for Barbie will try watching Oppenheimer and the same is applicable for Barbie. In many ways, these two movies helped increase the sales of each other. They released two movies on the same date and this worked as a marketing strategy to increase the sales of both movies. for more tech news follow Acutis Digital, the finest lead generation agency in Kerala.

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July 31, 2023