Content Marketing and the need for a content strategy

13 | April 13, 2021

Content Marketing and the need for a content strategy

We have all heard the quote, ‘content is the king’. So what is the buzz around content, what is content marketing and how does a content strategy helps you to increase your ROI? Content marketing is creating and distributing informative, relevant and interesting contents to your target audience. Content marketing is not limited to just blogs, it includes images, videos and even audios. The aim of content marketing is to grab the attention of your target audience and urge them to take the desired action.

Content marketing involves providing some kind of value addition to your audience. Content can be informative, educative or entertaining – the contents that are a blend of all the 3 will help you capture more of your audience and increase your reach and revenue.

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So why should your business invest in content marketing?

Content marketing helps businesses to find and plan ways to increase website traffic and sales lead.

+ Boosts your reach and helps with SEO

Content marketing helps your business to increase your reach and helps to keep your website SEO friendly. Effective content creation is the backbone of organic search and the best way to drive more traffic to your website. Investing in content marketing is one of the best ways to achieve the desired ROI.

+ Higher conversion rates and demand generation

Effective content marketing gives life to your business and helps you sell your product through intriguing and interesting stories. Through attention-grabbing contents, the users are compelled to complete the call to action resulting in more conversions and sale.

+ Focus on relevant topics

Content marketing helps you to stay up to date and helps your business to make effective use of the relevant topics. This lets your business leverage the topics that are in the limelight/trending and be a part of the discussions.

+ Build brand awareness and loyalty

Create contents that are of value to your prospective customers. This will help your business to create a space for yourself in the minds of your audience and build brand awareness and loyalty.

+ Higher return on investment (ROI)

Content marketing can help you boost your revenue by three times. Content marketing helps you to personalize and connect with your target audience. Consistency of content is the key to attain greater results.

Creating a content strategy

A content strategy is a plan on how to present your business to your target audience. It involves identifying your business goals and then creating and sharing contents at the right time to achieving them. A content strategy helps you to quantify your content marketing campaigns. So what are the steps involved in creating a content strategy?

+ Defining your objective

Before creating your content strategy the goal or objective must be identified. Different businesses can have different types of goals/objectives to be achieved through their campaigns. Strategies can be specifically created to build brand awareness, lead generation, Increase customer engagements and website traffic etc.

+ Identifying your target audience

To develop a successful plan the target audience must be clearly identified. Identifying your target audience lets you create more relevant and valuable contents.

+ Selecting the medium and channel of reaching your audience

The selection of the medium or channel to reach your audience must be done accurately. You should decide on how your business is going to communicate the information with your target audience. The content must be in a format that is easy to understand and connect with. Depending on the type of your content it can be in a textual, visual or audio format. The channel to reach your audience must be also specific. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or any other social media platform according to your content.

Content marketing is an effective tool to drive engagement, customers, sales, revenue and profit. If you are a business that is struggling with very low ROI contact us to get back on track and increase your ROI.

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April 13, 2021