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Instagram is getting popular day by day. It has now become more than just an image sharing platform. The latest updates to the platform have made it one of the best social platforms to promote your business. Instagram is a platform in which all formats of content can be published. Users can upload images, videos and even GIF’s. The number of Instagram influencers have also risen. If a business can leverage this opportunity, it is a definite way to increase revenue and conversions.

The one criteria for analysing the growth of an Instagram account is its number of followers. An account that posts regular content enjoys a higher user engagement and in turn a higher number of followers. To know more about drafting an effective strategy reach out to our experts in the best social media marketing company in Kochi.

Consistency is the Key

By posting regular content in your Instagram account ensures that you have an active number of followers and user engagement. Keep your feed attractive with vibrant content and posting interactive creative will help you to hold on to your customers. So what are some of the hacks to grow your Instagram account organically?

Know your target audience

The basics of growing a strong audience base in Instagram begins with thoroughly studying your audience. Know your audience inside out and create posts according to their taste and preference. Instagram provides various insights regarding your audience including their age, location and gender. Go through these and create a strategy that fits.

Plan your way ahead

Having a thorough knowledge about the present trends, what your competitors are up to and a general idea about your business industry will help you to maintain and build a better audience engagement and grow your business. Take time and plan on what you are going to post on your Instagram feed. Random posts can adversely affect your page and we always recommend planning your posts well in advance.

Build a community with your like-minded pages

Instagram is home to several pages that you might share similarities with. Built a community with them by interacting with their content. Like, comment and share their posts and develop a mutual understanding. Instagram is a social platform and builds a community that helps you to grow.

Use relevant hashtags

Using the relevant hashtags helps your content to be discovered by people who have a similar interest. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags to be included in your post description. Use all 30 might not give you the desired results. At times 10 relevant hashtags will give you the desired result.

Promoting your Instagram account on other channels

By promoting your Instagram on other channels you are creating a path to increase your user base. There might be several users on other platforms that do not follow you on Instagram. So ensure that you share your Instagram account on other channels including – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the other social media handles that you are active on.

Leveraging the Instagram features

Instagram provides several features, the use of which will help you to create more reach and a greater audience base. Features such as tagging and geolocation are going to help you reach more people. These will help your prospective customers to discover you.

Collaborations and influencer marketing

Collaborations and influencer marketing are the most popular forms of promotion on Instagram. Collaborations can be an effective method as it will help both the individuals involved in it. Influencer marketing helps to gain the attention of a huge audience. Selecting the right influencer is the key to a successful influencer marketing campaign.

These are some of the points that will help you in winning the Instagram game. Instagram is a great platform that will definitely help to grow your business. To get a solid social media marketing campaign reach out to us. We are a 100% result-oriented social media marketing company in Kerala.

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August 26, 2021