Everything you need to know about Instagram reels!!

13 | October 20, 2021

Everything you need to know about Instagram reels!!

Instagram reels are one of the most viewed types of content on Instagram. It is a tool to gain attention, reach and create brand awareness. The latest Instagram algorithm updates have been more focused on Instagram reels. Reels have the potential to reach more people and pull more attention to your page.

Instagram reels are just short videos with a length of less than 1 minute. Short videos with interesting content are always amusing and pull many eyes. The Instagram app has also provided several options by which you can create reels. Reels are the content of today and the way to reach more people. Reels are seen by every user of Instagram. The app also suggests reels to its users on the basis of their tastes and preferences. A separate section of reels has also been a part of the latest Instagram updates. So if you are thinking about how to increase your page likes and engagement – Reels are the one-word answer to it. We being a social media analyser and social media marketing company in Kerala, know what works best on the different social media platforms.

So why should you use Instagram reels?

Reels give your page incredible results. Reels are a way to reach more audiences and engage with them. The sensation of reels becoming trending are a common sight now and the songs, copies and even the visuals and the actions become a trend. The latest update also gives you the option to do remix your reels which means that you can combine your reel with other pages and request them to do one with yours! Reels also help you to pick up more likes, comments and shares!

How do you use reels?

You can create reels using the Instagram app itself. The app provides a wide list of options to create videos. Some of the options provided by Instagram include; various filters & effects, audio, speed, timer, text and more. You also have the option to upload a reel from your gallery.

So what are the ways in which you can attract more audiences using the reels?

* Finding a niche and creating original content

Original contents always find more audience, reach, shares and likes. So find a niche for yourself and create original content accordingly. Stick to the originality of your content and create reels on the trending topics in your style!

* Grabbing the attention

Reels are short videos and grabbing the attention of the audience are very important. Make sure that the first 10 seconds are attractive and attention-grabbing. Make it quirky and attention-grabbing! Put a start to the video by asking a question, a funny quote or even a funny facial expression. The thumbnail must be also designed in an attractive manner.

* Adding the right music/audio

The music/audio in your reels plays an important role. So choose audio that fits perfectly for your visuals and its contents. A general analysis can help you get the trending music/audios. The audio sets the mood of your reels.

* Make use of tools provided by Instagram

Instagram provides a wide list of tools and options to create reels. You can edit and shoot your videos using the Instagram app and it also provides a wide range of options to add different effects. Using the tools provided by Instagram such as the filters, text, emoticons and audios will help you crack the algorithm for more reach.

* Post consistently and share it on your feed and other platforms

Posting regular reels is also required to increase your reach and audience engagement. Posting on a regular basis will help you garner a wide audience. Remember to share the reel on your feed and other platforms. The more people see and share, the more audience you can reach!

* Branding it right

Effective branding will help you to stay in the mind of your audience and help in brand recall. Establishing a brand will help you in creating a strong foundation for your future operations. So for crafting a perfect branding solution for your business reach out to our experts at Acutis Digital - the perfect digital branding agency in Kerala for you!

Reels are a great way to nurture and grow a healthy follower list and customers for your business. So to know how effectively you can use reels to reach more people, reach out to our experts at the best social media marketing company in Kochi – Acutis Digital!

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October 20, 2021