Apple’s vision pro: is apple’s vision pro worth the hype?

| December 13, 2022

Apple’s vision pro: is apple’s vision pro worth the hype?

The era of spatial computing is here. Apple’s Vision Pro is a sophisticated device that is easy to use. Apple is calling it a spatial reality headset. Watching content is one of the best things to do with a virtual reality headset. It is a fantastic application for VR headsets. As Apple has given its history and its expertise in the world of software and apps, watching content on Apple devices is going to be seamless and enjoyable. Hopefully, the hardware holds up so you don’t have any screen flickering issues and this device is going to be a game changer. If you do not have a massive apartment or room, it is not possible to have a multi-monitor setup with you, and in that case, a virtual headset will be a massive space saver. Apple is and will be the one to bring true polish to the headset space.

The Setup

The setup requires an iPhone to automatically take some assessment of your eyes and ears. You can control Vision Pro with your eyes and voice. It is a mixed-reality headset and has a bunch of cameras and sensors inside. Nobody used it to shoot a video yet. It is a standalone computer with an M2 chip inside, its wifi connection, a roughly 4k Micro-OLED display for each eye, and a set of speakers right above each ear.

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How does it work?

You are controlling this thing entirely with your hands, eyes, and your voice. All over the headset, there are tons of sensors. You have two main forward-facing cameras, two downward-facing cameras, two more cameras for the sides, two infrared illuminators, a LiDAR scanner, and a TrueDepth camera. These are all to keep track of what is happening around the headset and also to track your hands in front of your face, on the inside there is also a bunch of infrared laminators and infrared cameras that are just there to track your eyes. So there is a setup process before you even get the headset, you measure your face with the TrueDepth camera on the iPhone. The eye tracking in this headset helps to track your eyes. When you want to select something, all you need to do is take your fingers and touch them together that is how you click. This massive array of sensors on the outside of Apple’s headset has done an impressively good job of picking up what one’s hand is doing. Apple’s vision pro can be called a mixed-reality headset with elements of virtual reality and augmented reality. Now there are some limitations in the experience you can get with Apple’s vision pro when compared to a VR headset like the Meta quest pro.


The fabric on the back of the headset is stretchable and pretty breathable. It is built extremely well with all this metal and glass. Its strap is an elastic fabric, and the glasses can be adjusted by rotating a small wheel rotating the wheel you can adjust the glass. To get more updates on digital news reach out to us best social media marketing company in Kochi.

Reasons to buy apple’s vision pro

First and foremost the design headset looks comfortable to wear, the rear head strap is designed to be comfortable and adjustable to fit. The design is without a doubt promising. You get two custom micro OLED displays giving you a real 4k resolution. Now the next positive point is the outward display which can automatically reveal your eyes during a conversation with other people so that’s quite a futuristic feature we haven’t seen being done on any headset so far. Another positive point is vision OS the ability to navigate menus and icons with your eyes and then you simply pinch with your fingers to make a selection. You can do voice searches using Siri and other commands like opening or closing apps and lots more. An advanced eye-tracking system that we have not seen before if you can imagine eye-tracking on the PSVR 2 taken to an advanced level that is what Apple has tried to achieve. This headset has a massive array of sensors and high-resolution cameras including lidar sensors, true depth cameras including true depth camera infrared flood illuminators, and lots more so it can deliver precise head tracking and hand tracking, and real-time mapping. 3D mapping is another specialty of this headset. This headset has the Apple M2 Chip which handles the vision OS operations and then you have a secondary Apple R1 chip which is designed to manage the cameras. The most exciting and probably the best feature is the ability to transform the space around you. So your living room can be virtually transformed into a beach or a lakeside and then you can play a movie on a massive cinema screen hovering just in front of you. Follow us for more digital-related updates, the best digital marketing agency in Kochi.

Apple’s mixed-reality headset can use any physical space as a canvas to display digital outputs. It is a very comfortable headset with promising features. No special place is required to keep your device and there is no limit for the watchable area which means you can watch a big cinema-sized movie even if you are occupied in a small space. This device is going to be a big space saver for people who do not have large houses or apartments. Apple vision pro can be considered as a computer fixed on your face. Apple is introducing a revolutionary change with its high-speed cameras and eye-tracking system.

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December 13, 2022