How to level up your landing pages for 100% conversion rate

13 | October 18, 2022

How to level up your landing pages for 100% conversion rate

An effective landing page is one of those important prerequisites a business requires to nurture, support and grow their audience. To grab attention whilst they are browsing through the long feeds of content and converting them through an effective call to action are all major goals businesses have now. So how do you achieve all those? We always recommend you to partner with a digital marketing agency so that you can focus on your key business areas. To know more reach out to the best digital marketing company in Kerala - Acutis Digital.

Landing pages must be precise and accurately functional in order to fetch you sales. This can be done by employing a wide variety of technical and psychological tools. Start with providing customers an easy and hassle-free experience. Remember that all landing pages are created with the main aim of driving sales and retaining customers. So start with the values and solutions your brand is going to provide your customers with

The primary aim of every landing page are as follows:

  • * Drive in sales and leads.
  • * Convert your prospective customers into active ones.
  • * Creating a solid impression about your products/services.
  • * Creating a bond with your prospective customers and enable your business to reach them via - emails, phone calls and other mediums of communication.

Now let's look at some of the key points to level up your landing pages for 100% conversion rates and 100% Return on your investment.

Perfecting the headline

The headline is the one thing that is going to help you grab attention. This is also the element that should express your products and services briefly. So write with headlines that will help you to sell the products and services offered by you.

Most of your visitors are not going to read through your body of contents, the headline is the one thing that everybody reads. So get creative, play with words and craft headlines that helps your brand to describe more about your products and services.

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Creating landing pages for every active campaign

The landing pages must contain the contents that the user clicked for via your ads. Thus make sure that every campaign that you run has a suitable and tailor made landing pages that convert your audience.

Customers these days prefer quick experiences. Thus providing them easy access for whatever they clicked for, will help your business to grow.

The contents in the page, images and headlines - everything should match with the ad run by you.

Choosing images wisely

The images play a vital role in your landing pages. Be careful with the images that you are posting in your landing pages. Customers prefer original and authentic images over the stock photos you'll find on the Internet. The images must be apt and should be directed towards one purpose - encourage the visitors to make the purchase decision.

So start with curating images that are original, eye-catching and creative. These are the small investments you can make to bringing in more revenue for your business.

Writing engaging CTAs

Your landing pages exist for the sole purpose of selling your products and services. So make sure that your call to action is engaging, exciting and goal oriented. The CTAs must enable the visitors for sudden decision-making without many thoughts. Craft a strategy that aligns with your target audience - their needs, preferences and taste.

So focus on writing engaging, creative and personalised CTAs that is going to help you sell the products/services.

Keep your forms simple and neat

Forms needs to be short, simple and neat. A heavy form with a lot of complications is going to reduce the chances of a conversion. Make your forms simple and include only those things that are absolutely necessary.

Most of the forms can be a 100% by including basic information to fill such as name of the visitor, means to reach them (email or phone number) and location of the visitor. So increase your chances of conversion by keeping your forms short, simple and neat.

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October 18, 2022